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5 Best Ways to Create Space in a Small Garden

Making the most of Space in a Small Garden can be a game changer.


Space in a Small Garden


Making the most of Space in a Small Garden

How do you go about making the most of space in a small garden?

Having a smaller garden space can sometimes seem like a challenge, knowing you have the potential to do some great things but not quite knowing how to really make the most of the space you have. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and there are so many garden tools, appliances and equipment designed to suit different garden styles, so there’s plenty of opportunity to utilise the space you have. Whilst some ideas may be obvious, there are some really fun, unique ways that will add character to your garden at the same time.


Peaceful Seating Spot

If your garden isn’t large enough for a table set with chairs, but you want a nice area to retreat to and take in the beautiful fresh air or read a good book, then investing in a small garden bench will be really useful to you. Add a simple wooden bench to your garden and position some brightly coloured plants or neatly trimmed bushes on either side to add a little more character to the space. This is the perfect way to introduce a peaceful, relaxing area in your garden without having to take up too much room.


Miniature Plants and Pots – Making the most of Space in a Small Garden

Sometimes adding small items to a space can create a larger feel, so small plant pots are perfect for a garden with less space. Positioning some dinky plant pots with beautiful flowers around the outskirts of your garden will add a lovely touch of colour to the space, bringing it to life without taking over and creating a cramped, overcrowded look. The beauty of smaller plants is also the ease when it comes to watering and maintaining them, as they require much less care and often live for longer!


Small Greenhouses and creating space in your tiny garden

For those who have a passion for growing fruit and veg but don’t want to have to travel to an allotment every day, small greenhouses may just be the perfect thing for you. Designed to take up a small amount of space whilst still providing you with essential room to grow your favourite items, small greenhouses are ideal for smaller gardens.

The petite design gives a burst of character to the garden, whilst also giving you the perfect space to carry out your projects. They’re also very affordable too, which is a bonus!

Making the most of Space in a Small Garden


Use the Walls – Making the most of Space in a Small Garden

There are a selection of gardening items available that are ideal for hanging to the wall or pinning on the fence, and this could be the answer to a small gardens problem. If you need the floor space within your garden for other essential items, then it may be time to look at adding things to the walls. Whether it’s a selection of hanging baskets that are positioned along the side of your wall, or you go for some delicate features that hang on the fence, you can introduce style and character to your garden in this way without having to use any of the floorspace at all.


Making the most of Space in a Small Garden with Garden Storage

Storage is the key feature with any small space, as there’s nothing worse than having items piled up and creating a cramped, messy feel. Introducing some gardening storage will create a space for you to store key items such as gardening tools, foldable furniture and even items to help with your plant growing. You can be creative with your storage too, introducing items like a wooden bench that doubles up as a storage box or a stylish wooden shed. There are some great ideas on Pinterest too, so you can get some great inspiration and create a stunning garden that works for you and suits your personal style.

Small Garden

The benefits of a small garden

The benefits of a small garden abound. Dont be despondent if you have one.

A small garden can bring a multitude of benefits to your life and surroundings. Here are ten advantages of having a small garden:

  1. Manageability: Smaller gardens are easier to maintain, saving you time and effort compared to larger landscapes. You can efficiently care for plants, weed, water, and harvest without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Creativity: Limited space encourages creative design solutions. You can experiment with various layouts, plant combinations, and decorative elements to make the most of your available area.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Smaller gardens generally require fewer resources in terms of plants, soil, and maintenance tools. This can lead to lower costs for landscaping, watering, and ongoing care.
  4. Time Efficiency: With less area to cover, you can complete gardening tasks more quickly, leaving you with more time to enjoy your garden and other activities.
  5. Intimacy: A small garden can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It’s a space where you can relax, unwind, and connect with nature on a personal level.
  6. Biodiversity: In a compact garden, you can still cultivate a diverse range of plants. Careful selection of plants that thrive in your climate and soil can attract various pollinators and wildlife, enhancing biodiversity.
  7. Environmental Impact: Smaller gardens generally have a smaller ecological footprint. By utilizing sustainable gardening practices, you can reduce your environmental impact even further.
  8. Personalization: With limited space, you have the opportunity to curate your garden to suit your preferences perfectly. Each plant, decoration, and design element can hold special meaning to you.
  9. Learning Opportunity: A smaller garden provides an excellent platform for learning about gardening. You can focus on individual plants’ needs, experiment with different techniques, and gain valuable insights into horticulture.
  10. Well-Being: Gardening, even in a small space, can contribute to your overall well-being. It’s a therapeutic and stress-relieving activity that allows you to connect with nature and experience the satisfaction of nurturing plants.

Remember, the benefits you gain from your small garden will largely depend on how you design and care for it. Tailor your choices to your preferences, available resources, and the specific characteristics of your garden space.

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Making the most of Space in a Small Garden




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