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Valentte Review – Organic Home and Beauty Products

Valentte Review  –  Organic Home and Beauty Products Review including Valentte candles, come and find out what we thought of these Valentte products.


Valentte Review

Valentte Review – Organic Home and Beauty Products


Valentte Review

Oh my goodness how I excited am I to show you these lovely Valentte organic home and beauty products. 

Valentte make very simple and very natural products that are plant-based and absolutely exquisite. As well as stunning skincare range they also do a home scents range. This includes hand-poured vegetable wax candles, scent diffusers and room mists.

The company have three overriding principles – to help you smell beautiful, feel good and look gorgeous.  Ah, isn’t what we all want!

I love that feeling good is as important as looking good and with Valentte and this really is their mission. 

We want not just your skin but mind to be happy too. Create your own sanctuary with natural scents of essential oils for indulging, relaxing or mood boosting blends depending on your desire for each day.

The balance between body and mind is just so important!



I  trialled some lovely products from Valentte that I am excited to show you 

They are all manufactured here in the UK and at great prices too


Valentte Review – Mandarin & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser £12

This gorgeous reed diffuser is filled with pure, natural ingredients and will scent your home for a minimum of 4 months.

It is a beautiful scent, really juicy and cheerful and it just adds a lovely summer vibe to our home. I have placed it by the front door to welcome in visitors and it is delightful

 Valentte Review

Valentte Review


Valentte Review – White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candles £20

This beautiful, glass-encased Valentte candles is made from soy wax and scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. It burns so beautifully and the aroma is so uplifting and so refreshing. I adore this candle!


Valentte Organic Home and Beauty Products Review

Valentte Candles


Valentte Mandarin and Grapefruit body scrub £18

This gorgeous scrub is infused with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and mineral rich dead sea salt. It is an awesome exfoliator that also moisturises  It leaves your skin is left smooth, scented and so, so soft. Honestly, it is the best!


Valentte Review – final thoughts

There are lots of other yummy scents in the Valentte range do have a look here.

I am rather in love with these natural and organic products and I adore how they are free from toxins and chemicals and affordably priced.

Fabulous, and wouldn’t they make lovely gifts?

I hope  you  have enjoyed this Valentte review  for Organic Home and Beauty including Candles  – you may also like my post on what to do about thin eyebrows and a  home lover’s Christmas gift guide






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