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The Best & Most Delicious Vegan Fudge Recipe

Vegan fudge is just delicious and just as good as the dairy version


Vegan Fudge


Johnson’s Vegan Fudge

I have been vegetarian for the last 35 years and sweets and treats have always been tricky to buy. Gelatine and colouring agents render lots of sweet treats non-veggie so fudge has always been a treat I have turned to and adored.

Increasingly though, as a family, we are turning more towards a completely plant-based diet. Chocolate and fudge and other dairy-based treats are big hits in our home and I was wondering quite how we were going to cope if we turned Vegan!

Well, now I know.

I have just been sent a new vegan fudge from Johnson’s toffees to try and I have to say I have rather fallen in love,

It contains absolutely no dairy and no nasties.


Vegan Fudge Ingredients

Ingredients include:

  • Sugar
  • Almond milk
  • Glucose syrup 
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Salt

It is a crumbly fudge that holds together really well and it is creamy and smooth and just completely delicious.

I would suggest if you are not vegan yourself that you buy a bag of this to keep in for visitors. But I absolutely know it wouldn’t last long in your cupboard like it did not last very long in mine! It’s just too good.

All their vegan fudge can be bought in 150g bags or 450g boxes.



About Johnson’s Fudge – Vegan Fudge

Johnson’s Speciality Toffee and Fudge is based in Yorkshire and have over 70 years experience, expanding over four generations, in making toffee and fudge.  Their recipes are delicious, traditionally flavoured and made from only the finest ingredients.

Do take a peek at their website for every type of fudge variety you can think of. There is nutty, fruity, boozy, traditional, creamy, cherry and even mini -egg fudge to choose from (and much more) I quite fancy the salted caramel myself!

If you are a toffee lover you will also find a huge range over at Johnson’s – spoilt for choice!


vegan fudge


Are you tempted by this lush vegan fudge?

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