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Best Vegan Snacks from Pantry House Review

Vegan Snacks from Pantry House Review

So this week a box arrived packed full of vegan snacks from Pantry House for me to review.

Oh this has made me (and my vegan 13 year old daughter) very happy. 

Pantry House fine foods are my new favourite thing.

Would you like a little tour of our happy snacking treats! 


Vegan Snacks from Pantry House Review


A bit about Pantry House Review

Pantry House offers some of the UK and Europe’s best produce in one easy to use online shop. It has sauces, spices,  spread, bakes, biscuiyts, cccisps and os much more and a brilliant range of gluten free and vegan food. I could shop there all day and still not be bored! 

Here is what we tried; 


Oat Bars

I am forever looking for lovely oat bars – so many are really dull yet these from Deliciously Ella were super tasty and it’s good to know they are baked in small batches and packed with friut. Perfect for a pack up! 

Deliciously Ella – Apricot & Coconut Oat Bar 50g  £1. 15

Deliciously Ella – Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon Oat Bar 50g   £1.15   

Crisps – Pantry House review

Oh we love good crisps in our house and these are properly posh crisps. A really nice treat to have with lunch or whilst snuggled up watching a movie. I am all for posh crisps! 


Pantry House review

Savoursmith’s – Hand Cooked Bubbly & Serrano Chilli Potato Crisps 150g  £3.14   (Champagne in crsps whatever next!) 

Savoursmith’s – Hand Cooked Desert Salt & Vinegar Potato Crisps 150g £3.14   

Savoursmith’s – Hand Cooked Desert Salt Potato Crisps 150g  £3.14


Pantry House review


Sweets -Pantry House review

Vegan sweets are not that easy to come across so it is a great idea to stock up ..these were simply lovely 

Candy Kittens – Sour Watermelon Gourmet Sweets 125g  £2.54    Candy kittens make great sweeties and these sours are scrumptious.

Candy Kittens – Blueberry Bliss Gourmet Sweets 138g  £3.00   It is weird I know to describe sweets as fresh but Candy Kitten sweets really are and the natural flavours just sing through. 

Buttermilk – DAIRY FREE SALTED CARAMEL CUP POUCH 100g  So I only got one of these as my daughter snaffled the rest because they were absolutely yummy.

Cocoba – Mint Crunch Dark Chocolate 100g  £2.50   Oh my goodness this was entirely delicious. I ate it in bed and honestly it was an absolute taste sensation. I would definitely pop this in with a birthday gift to someone – a real treat smooth chocolate with crunchy mint crystals.

Easter chocolates from Pantry House for vegans are plentiful, so I will be checking them out too!



Well all of these lovely treats have made our lockdown MUCH more pleasurable. I can highly recommend a Pantry House Review 




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