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Vegetarian Chelsea Boots

Vegetarian Chelsea Boots

Patent Chelsea boots are a bit rock ‘n’ roll in my mind. They’re a classic style of shoe and are very long lasting, to be honest you can pair them with anything you want. For example: jeans, dungarees, shorts, skirt and tights, leggings, a dress, even leather jeans if thats your style. It’s time to get creative

I have always loved patent Chelsea boots. Sadly they are often leather and I am a vegetarian and I don’t wear leather. People are often wary of vegetarian shoes, but these are great and are a much more environmentally friendly way to enjoy these beautiful boots. They feel and look exactly the same and they are much cheaper than their leather or suede alternatives. Why not buy yourself a couple of pairs?

Last year my 5 year old daughter had the coolest boots in the world.

My Vegetarian Chelsea booots

How delighted was I to get a matching pair of Vegetarian Chelsea boots this year!  Totally man-made, sturdy and supportive. I love that we match and they make me feel about 18!

These cost just £21.90 and are by Dolcis from Amazon



Patent chelsea boots



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