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Victorian conservatories – what makes them special


Our current conservatory

We have a conservatory that we absolutely adore. It is a room where we create, play music, craft, write, relax and escape from the rest of our family. I know a lot of people say they do not use their conservatory very much but we are not those people. I would honestly say our conservatory is one of the most used rooms in our house.

I like that it so light and bright and airy and I like that we can look straight out onto our beautiful garden. I often place my desk by the window in there so I get a good view and plenty of light through the windows.

But we have a problem.

Our conservatory is past it ‘s best and it is time to replace it. We have no real ideas of where to start. This was my first ever conservatory and it was already here just waiting for us when we first moved in.

I have been having a good look at the various styles of conservatories available and I think my heart has been won over.


Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories are just absolutely stunning – a truly lovely addition to a home. They work well with period properties due to their styling but they can also add something special to a newer build too.

The Victorian Conservatories at St Helens Windows would suit our 1930’s home really well.  The style of the Victorian conservatory includes a bayfront, a steeply pitched roof, and ornate ridge details. Gorgeous!

Victorian Conservatories


What makes Victorian Conservatories special

These days of course Victorian conservatories are made out of modern materials such as PVCu and Aluminium so they are both robust and weatherproof. Victorian conservatories do come in a range of styles but alsmot all give you a panoramic view of your garden something I absolutely want – all that light would just be amazing. Victorian conservatories are one of the more popular styles of conservatories in the UK and it really is easy to see why. I  think they are so pretty!

I would crack open my paints  in a room like this as I feel I would be just so inspired.


Why a conservatory?

I love being surrounded by glass,  it makes me feel freer and less hemmed in somehow.  If you get a quality conservatory it will be bespoke to your home and fit in well with your overall design. Companies like St Helens Windows provide this kind of quality, individualised service  They also sort out all your planning permission for you. That’s one headache averted!

St Helens Windows designs allow you to keep warm in the winter and cooler in the summer months. Their different types of glass can reflect sun rays and help to keep your conservatory design cool. The inside of the glass keeps the heat inside your home and this ensures your conservatory can be used all year round and is really energy-efficient – two things that are really important to me in choosing a conservatory. At the moment ours is proper freezing in the winter so what an asset this would be!


So yes I think Victorian conservatories are pretty lovely and investing in one would be wonderful  home improvement for us.

Do you have a conservatory?


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