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Virgin Pure Review #Ad

I am excited to be sharing this Virgin Pure review with you – I have been telling everyone about it because it‘s so fabulous.

What is it you wonder?  Well let me tell you all about it.

The Virgin Pure home water system is designed to give you pure filtered water, hot or cold, at the push of a button. It also has a range of smart features; such as an autofill hands-free function, an energy-saving sleep mode to suit your lifestyle, and over 50 temperature settings for you to match to your exact preference. It really is a nifty system, that I know is going to be in every home soon!



Virgin Pure Review

 Here are my thoughts and the answers to some of the questions you might have.


Do you need a Virgin Pure Home Water System? 

Does it sound like a luxury?

10m people in the UK who use bottled water as their main source of drinking water and Virgin Pure provides a smarter, more sustainable option. 85% of surveyed customers’ families drink more water and less sugary drinks since having Virgin Pure installed – So you may not NEED a Virgin Pure but wow I think that stat makes it obvious that this is a fabulous health, as well as kitchen, aid. And what a boost to everyone in the family’s wellbeing it will bring.


Virgin Pure Review  – How it works 


Virgin Pure Review


Virgin Pure Review – Installation

Virgin Pure is installed speedily and efficiently by a professional and requires little maintenance, just the filter changed every 6 months and the UV lamp replaced every 12 months.  Bradley, who installed ours, was friendly, polite and explained everything clearly.

All he needed to install our unit was access to the pipes and to know where on the worktop we wanted to place it so that he could drill a tiny hole to feed the pipe through. Simple. 

Once set up, it was quickly providing us with pure, triple filtered water instantly at the tap of a button.


Virgin Pure Review



Virgin Pure Review  – What are the benefits

Virgin Pure have a super simple mission – to make people and the planet a healthier and happier place. Of course, that is something we all aspire to.

The system achieves this easily by making filtered water readily available and reducing energy consumption and waste. We have been drinking so much more water since our system was installed and we are no longer unnecessarily filling the kettle and waiting for it to boil or pouring calorific cold juice from the fridge.

Nope, we either make a one cup hot drink instantly from the Virgin Pure or use it to simply grab a glass of cold fresh water. It’s easy, convenient, and so much better for us and the environment. 

We all need to drink more water as it has an array of benefits, from helping us to think more clearly to ensuring our bodies function correctly.

Plus, with a Virgin Pure system, our water tastes so much better as tap water can be a bit unpleasant, can’t it. And while bottled water usually tastes nice, it‘s expensive and usually just ends up in landfill. We also found that using a filter jug is a faff, messing about changing filters every month, remembering to refill it and oh the pain of trying to fit the jugs into your dishwasher or fridge – who needs that in their life at the moment.



Virgin Pure Review – Our thoughts

I must admit, I wondered if we would use the Virgin Pure that much once it was installed as we were in such a habit of boiling the kettle for hot drinks and getting our cold drinks form the tap.

But wow, I could not have been more wrong. It is in constant use by every member of our family and there’s quite a few things we like about it:

  • The system looks stylish and takes up little room in our kitchen (same sort of size as a tall mixer) 
  • The water tastes fresh and clean
  • It is perfectly chilled or boiling hot – so convenient
  • It is available at the tap of a button – so no waiting around at all
  • It is great for our health and the environment

My favourite thing of all about the Virgin Pure is that my kids use it to fill up their water bottles for school (the handy child lock means I know they’ll only ever get the chilled water) and as they potter off for the day, I know they have the healthiest drink possible with them and that makes me smile. 


Virgin Pure Review


Virgin Pure Review  – Costs 

A machine costs £499.99 or is available for £399.99 when purchased with a 1-year Watercare+ subscription (£12.95 per month) that provides you with all your filters direct to your door as well as a host of other benefits (such as an extended warranty, free reinstalls if you move, etc.).

All packages can be paid for via 12 interest-free monthly payments via Virgin Pure’s payment partner Splitit, great if you want the system but don’t want to pay the full amount upfront.

They also have a brilliant 30-day satisfaction guarantee, where if you are not happy after 30 days they’ll come to collect the machine and refund your money, you won’t be a penny out of pocket.

You can visit the website www.virginpure.com/for-home/ to find more out about Virgin Pure and how to purchase.


I do hope you enjoyed this Virgin Pure Review and have found it useful












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