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A watch for every occasion

I would love a watch for every occasion.

Some people see watches as purely practical and would never dream of having more than one or two. I tend to see watches as accessories a bit like bracelets or earrings and I think they can really add a lovely extra touch to an outfit.

I have been having a browse amongst the huge selection of watches at The Watch Hut. I really think they have a watch for every outfit I own and every occasion I could imagine. Have a look….

I think this Vivienne Westwood gold tone steel bangle  is really special. I love the colours and it is very cool whilst being elegant too. I would probably wear this with a classic LBD.


Now this gorgeous bracelet watch from DKNY is just beautiful and I would wear this with white as I think it looks really fresh. I would so love to own this!


This Micheal Kors watch is more of an everyday watch I feel. It is water resistant and will go with  any outfit. It is discreet whilst still really stylish.This is the kind of watch I would probably wear to work.

My next watch choice would be to wear for sport or on a really relaxed /casual day. It’s a Swatch watch and it is lots of fun.  It has a resin strap and would survive a shower and you doing the washing up, so this is a very practical and funky choice.

My next watch is one I really covert. I think it is all things, fun, funky., practial cool and pretty. I would wear it lots and lots . It could be a dress down or a dress up watch. It is a watch for all occasions all by itself!

So that is my pick of watches, one for each outfit. Not quite sure where I would keep them all but I do know I would wear them all and wouldn’t they all look wonderful!


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