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Ways to Save Money on Designer Dresses

Ways to Save Money on Designer Dresses – lets take a look at some top tips.

If you love fashion and you love saving money then I think this is going to be right up your street today. recently I have been playing with the George dress selector but if designer fashion is more your thing then do take a look at my tips below


Ways to Save Money on Designer Dresses

Genuine designer fashion doesn’t always come easy. Unless you always have a couple of disposable thousand dollars every month to splurge around, you may have a hard time landing that coveted genuine Alexander McQueen or Christian Dior dress.

But just because your budget or income level does not allow the luxury of shopping for several Gucci skirt suits every week, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have any designer attires in your closet.

In fact, here is a quick primer to some resourceful tips and tricks for designer dresses hunting.


Ways to Save Money on Designer Dresses


  1. Prioritise Designer Brands but Shop their Other Collections

Designer pieces might be expensive. But, the quality, style, and durability that you get in exchange for your hard-earned money is usually worth it. However, most people don’t usually realize that a typical designer fashion house/brand will always have a few sub-brands under its ‘umbrella’ of companies. For instance, the popular designer brand Marc Jacobs comprises of several smaller brands under its main “Marc Jacobs” tag. This includes bridge lines, capsule collections, and lower-end brands.


But what exactly is this?


a) Bridge Lines

– these depicts the collaboration between a lower-priced retailer and a high-end designer. This way, the designer is able to come up with a variety of pieces – which are manufactured more cheaply by the affordably-priced retailer – then sold at less prohibitive price points. A good example; Marc Jacobs recently worked with Neiman Marcus to design a few dresses and suit pieces for Target. The results were still designer quality but sold for much less than the usual ‘designer price tags.’


b) Capsule Collections

They are a combination of several staple pieces that can best showcase a given brand collaboration or a designer’s handywork. And because they are based on only a few staple pieces, the brand/shop in question can mass produce the same dresses, pants, jackets, and skirts over and over again thus driving the usual high prices down so that the average shopper can comfortably afford them. In other words, you will get the same brand name and similar quality while spending significantly less. But there’s a catch to it. Capsule collections are usually very limited – once they are off the market, they are gone forever.


c) Lower-Cost Brands

– If you take a quick look through the racks (if it’s a brick and mortar store) or major pages (if it is online), you will notice that there are brand names that closely resemble your preferred designer but aren’t quite  the same thing. For example, Marc dresses by Marc Jacobs or the same by REDValentino. These are in fact lower-cost versions of the main fashion brand that you can acquire for less and still get almost the same prestige. True, they may have been made without the same stringent quality standards and characteristic of the main brand, but being a lower-cost brand means that you can own something from your coveted fashion designer house without parting with the usual high-end price.


Iif you can spare a few extra minutes to scour around, you will discover that a number of high-end designer brands have several collections available for sometimes as much as half their usual price. Bridge lines, for example, are an excellent way of acquiring genuine aesthetics of a given designer without forking out the full price.


  1. Ways to Save Money on Designer Dresses?  Make the Best of Popular Retail Websites


Retail websites such as https://www.peachesboutique.com/ usually have a couple of designer pieces available at affordable price points. These dresses are typically shipped in bulk to the retailer before being shipped to you, thus saving the main designer brand significant amounts on shipping and packaging. These discounts will be passed to you – the final consumer – which means designer dresses for considerably lower prices than what you would get if you had shopped directly from their main website or department store. If anything, some of these retail platforms are some of best sites to hunt designer dresses without having to pay ‘designer prices’.


  1. Go Shopping Offseason

Going hunting for your favourite designer dress in the off-season means that you stand a better chance of scoring attractive discounts since most retailers are typically in a hurry to make space for a fresh merchandise from top brands. Also, it is worth noting that during and around Christmas, both online and brick-and-mortar retailers tend to hike their usual prices in anticipation of the holiday shopping craze. However, these prices are reverted back to normal as soon as the celebratory spirit dies down. So that is a good time to shop. That being said, be sure to prioritize classic pieces that are likely to stay in style year-in-year-out rather than ‘great deals’ that go out of fashion only a few months later.


  1. You Can Also Rent/Borrow Your Designer Dresses

It happens that sometimes you only need that designer Prada dress you’ve been eyeing for months for just one special occasion – maybe a friend’s wedding or college graduation party. If that’s the case, there is really no point in paying a sizeable amount of money for something you would probably only wear one or two times. Instead, you can borrow or rent a high-end designer dress and its accompanying accessories.


The Bottom Line on Ways to Save Money on Designer Dresses

Contrary to the common misconceptions, remember that designer fashion is more about creativity, innovativeness, and passion than it is about spending large sums of money. As illustrated by Alyce Paris, the concept of designer fashion is birthed from the concept of fusing two contrasting styles to come up with a superior fashion hybrid.


To know more about the famous fashion brand Alyce Paris, check out this timeline:



This timeline is created by Peaches Boutique

There is something about high-end dresses that makes heads turn as you walk down an alley or supermarket aisle. But you don’t always have to pay a premium for the privilege. With a little effort, initiative and enterprise, you can nab the same designer attires without necessarily paying ultra-high prices.


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