Elevate your home’s curb appeal with these nifty tricks

Curb appeal plays a vital role in increasing the visual look of a home, especially in the highly competitive real estate market. Even if you are not wishing to translate the “first impression” adage into extra dollars, at the very least you will know that you will be arriving at a great looking home each day after a hard day out.

So here are six innovative ideas to increase the aesthetic attractiveness of your abode and give it a home brochure like setting.




Clean up the driveway to elevate your home’s curb appeal

 The driveway is the first thiy which a visitor or potential buyer will see when he looks at your home. A well-maintained path speaks volumes about how much an owner cares about the property. Instead of a concrete driveway, change to a gravel laden entry road and line either side with weeds. Powerwash it, whenever needed, to give it a new lease of life. The instant reaction on seeing cleanliness, will motivate a prospective buyer to preview the house from outside or just drive past it without having to go inside.


Incorporate natural stone treatments

A big way to provide an aesthetic bang to the exterior of your home is by incorporating natural stone as it can instantly add to both the visual and architectural appeal. Although engineered stone products are readily available in the market, there is nothing to beat the look of natural stone.

A natural stone veneer is easy to install, and adds an element of charm which cannot be replicated by any manufactured product. It will give the home a much more sophisticated feel and add value to the property at the same time.




Add lighting to your Curb appeal

Although the effect of light is visible only after dark, it is a great way to improve the ambiance of any building. Use soft lights to focus on the elements of design and architecture, while diffused lighting can accent the trees and shrubs.

A bright light on the porch will create a welcoming look at the front door. Not only proper exterior lighting provides a warm look, it is a great security feature as well.


Give the garage door a lift

Garage doors, usually, dominate what you see at first glance from across the street. Adding accessories like decorative handles and faux window panels require zero commitment, little effort and visual interest to the garage.

Painting the garage door to a contrasting shade as your front door, can also create a huge impact. While studies show that replacing a garage door ranks #1 In home improvement, you can still get instant uplift by adding windows to the door to increase the curb appeal.



Build a fire pit

A fire pit in the backyard not only provides warmth, but also uplifts the atmosphere of the outdoor space. This homely and heated elegant feature can be enjoyed by homeowners throughout the year, if accented with proper furniture. A fire pit can even entice  potential buyers into visualising themselves enjoying quality time in the backyard after a strenuous day in the office.


Tend to the garden

Landscape the grass, trees or any other foliage you have in your garden or around the property in order to appease human emotion and perception. To ensure that these improvements payoff make your front yard look clean and presentable as possible. Keep the lawn watered to prevent brown patches. Pull out the weeds, mow the grass and rake off the leaves from time to time to maintain garden care. Reduce the shrubbery and eliminate trees to give the garden a cared for look.


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