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7 fantastic ways to increase the light in your home

Are you constantly looking for ways to increase the light in your home?

Over the past few years I have moved from wanting my interior to look colourful and cosy to wanting it to look minimal and serene. I wonder if this is because we just got too cramped and cosy and I am rebelling. Or is it the fact my children are growing up and I know longer feeling every single living space needs to be full of their stuff. Whatever the reason I want my home to be lighter and more airy, less cluttered and much calmer. So how do I achieve this?

ways to increase the light in your home

Getting rid of curtains

Curtains can look heavy and gloomy and they do shut off part of our windows and block some light. Blinds and shutters are much more streamlined and can be much more effective at letting in the lovely sunshine.



Clean surfaces

I have made a bit of a resolution these last few months to keep my kitchen table clear and tidy an it really has made such a difference to a sense of space in my home. It feels lighter and brighter because it looks clearer and clutter free. This has worked so well I am trying to keep more and more surfaces free and really lighten the load in my rooms and as a result they do feel lighter.



Mirrors reflect light so well around a home I have them everywhere. I find bigger mirrors work well and I like them to be fairly simple rather than ornate. In an article from wofs.com you’ll find some useful tips for working with mirrors.


Bright and white

Keeping your walls light and bright will absolutely make a home feel lighter, so despite the trend for dark walls do keep it light


Roof windows

Our loft would benefit so much from roof windows and we would certainly use the room more if it had more natural light. For example, Roofwindows.co.uk have some wonderful innovative windows that really work to add light to a room.


As you can see in the image above simple, lush green plants look amazing and give an energy and lightness to a room as they make you think of nature and the great outdoors. Not too many though we don’t want that clutter back!



Good storage is really key to keeping the light flowing through your space and the clutter out the way. I like book cases for storing bits and bobs (not just books) and footstools that open up and under the bed storage too. The less on show the more space there is for light.


I hope you’ve found these tips useful. Do add any you might have in comments below

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