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6 Ways to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother

Ways to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother

Not everyone is a morning person. Even if you are, it can be a hectic time of day. Most of us tend to do everything at the last possible minute, and we find ourselves rushing out the door, secure in the knowledge that we must have forgotten something.

There are simple ways, however, to make your mornings run smoother and set you up powerfully for the day ahead. Let’s dive in.


  1. Take stock of what’s what 

Many of us grossly underestimate how long things actually take. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t make organizing your morning any easier. If you think your shower takes 5 minutes when it’s closer to 15, that can put you ten minutes behind schedule. No wonder we stress – we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves.

So time your morning activities – taking a shower, getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. You’ll then have a realistic picture of what it really takes to get ready for the day.

Once you know how much time you need, you won’t pressure yourself to do the impossible.



  1. Set up what you can the night before

This tip alone will save you precious time in the morning!

Pack gym or school bags the night before, and have them ready by the door (this works particularly well if you have children.)

Pack lunches the night before. By making them when the kitchen is still in dinner mode, you’ll only have to clean your kitchen once a day. Better yet, make more dinner and save some for lunch the next day.

Put a glass of water close by your bed and set out water bottles by the door (or in the fridge) to remind you to hydrate.

Set up your kettle to make your coffee in a snap. Use something simple to use like the kettle at https://unocasa.com/products/gooseneck-kettle that doesn’t require fancy settings.

Consider taking a shower at night, if that works for you.


  1. Minimize the decisions you have to make in the morning

This part is for you if you are someone who stands in front of your closet, wondering what to wear every morning.

You can save time by cutting down on the number of decisions you have to make – such as what to wear. Consider either choosing your outfit the night before or having set outfits for each day of the week.

Once again, if you have children, taking the time to choose their outfits for the week will save you a lot of morning prep.

The same applies to breakfast: consider choosing two or three breakfasts that you’ll alternate between for the week. Not only will your shopping be easier, but you’ll save time each day.


6 Ways to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother


  1. Try food prep in packs

When you make dinner, consider doubling or tripling the recipe and putting portion-sized containers in the freezer. If you do this once a week, you’ll have a stock of delicious lunches or dinners before you know it. It then becomes a case of taking something out of the freezer the night before for lunch the next day.

You can do the same for breakfast: make smoothie packs by putting a mixture of frozen fruit and veg (like spinach) in single-serving freezer bags. Then all you have to do is in the morning is tip the contents into the blender with your favorite liquid, and breakfast is served!

Other easy breakfast options are overnight oats, a breakfast casserole, or pancakes (make a large batch and freeze individual portions.)


  1. Give yourself some quiet time

By getting up just fifteen minutes earlier, you can give yourself the gift of some quiet time. Rather than repeatedly hitting the snooze button (which doesn’t provide more rest), use that time to journal, meditate, or stretch.

You can do some stretching to get your blood flowing without having to get out of bed. Studies show that regular morning stretching can decrease back pain, improve posture and flexibility, and help prevent injury.

If you are a fan of journaling, you can do this while enjoying a quiet cup of coffee or other hot drink. Coffee is actually more beneficial than most people are aware – regular coffee consumption can help protect against Parkinson’s disease, keep memory loss at bay, and boost alertness.


  1. Listen to your favorite music

Taking a bit of time in the morning to include your favorite music as part of your routine can help you shape your thoughts for the day. You can make a mood-boosting playlist to get you prepared for the day.


6 Ways to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother


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