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Ways to Reduce Energy Costs While Working From Home

We are all acyutely aware their is huge cost of living crisis  and in fact  the combination of energy price hikes and tax rises have pushed inflation up to a 30-year high – so it’s no wonder many of us are urgently trying to think of ways to reduce energy costs while working from home.

Its expected to cost and  extra £3.50 a day  to run a boiler this winter and cold weather is predicted.

It’s not a good combination but we do have some good options to help ourselves keep cosy. 


Ways to Reduce Energy Costs While Working From Home




Ways to Reduce Energy Costs While Working From Home

Ryman Buying Manager, Jonny Samuel, says; “There’s more than one way Brits will need to be savvy in their home offices this winter, from savings with hot-drink hacks, to heated seats and cheaper charging choices,  Ryman we have collated some smart-saving tips to help.”


Shut that door!

A tip that can be applied to most homes is closing the doors to rooms you don’t want or need to heat. The Energy Saving Trust tells us closing doors ensures the warmth you’ve generated remains within and, stopping cold air from without. Simple but effective.


Oil Filled Radiator

You can also heat up your home office quickly and efficiently with the Warmlite 650W Oil Filled Radiator. The radiator uses environmentally friendly conducting oil to sustain a consistent temperature, which you can enjoy over a long period of time. 

Oil filled radiators are very energy efficient, don’t make any noise, and are very safe – even with pets and kids around. We’ve calculated the cost of running this heater for an hour to be 22p – compared to the average cost of heating your home with a 24kW boiler for an hour, at 91p.

70p an our is a big difference.


Heated Office Chair 

The Albany Linen Executive Chair comes with heating and massage functions. Featuring plush foam padding and linen-feel upholstery, this executive chair features 6 massage spots – 2 on the shoulders, 2 mid/lower back and 2 on the bottom, with a heating function to soothe tired muscles.


The ergonomic design of this executive chair features adjustable armrests, as well as a reclining backrest which tilts to 130 degrees – ideal for relaxing in between meetings! It features a 360 degree swivel base with 5 sturdy castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

the hourly rate of running this chair would be 1p per hour – making it a fabulous option for staying cosy when you’re working from home.



B and Co’s Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle Flask holds 500ml of liquid – be that tea, coffee, or a hot chocolate – keeping your drink piping hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect if you’re prone to forgetting about your drink, or having to reboil the kettle time and time again. mugfull is usually about 250ml, you’ll be enjoying double the tea, with only one boil – saving on average 17p per use. 

What would your tipple be?


Save Electricity with a USB Desk Lamp 

Whilst you’re already using the power in your laptop, don’t add to your electric bill when the days get shorter – capitalise on economies of scale by plugging this portable USB lamp in to light up your home office. Choose the Adjustable USB Desk Lamp to plug this USB Lamp straight into a charging plug or computer and enjoy ultra-bright efficient LED light. This light features 3 brightness levels, a practical flexi arm and swivel head makes it perfect for office desks. The standard USB cable included can be plugged into both laptops and PC USB ports. 


How to Charge Your Laptop Efficiently 

On average, it costs 2p per hour to run a laptop that’s plugged in. The average run life is 1.5 – 4 hours, so it should only need charging 1 or 2 times a day for roughly 1.5 – 2hrs to reach full charge again. Laptops charge much faster when not in use, so make the most of your cash by plugging it in at the end of the working day. . 




A  quick blast of warmth

Whilst it’s true that electricity is much more expensive than gas, if you’re in need of a quick blast of warmth, electric heaters can be much more effective than waiting for your radiators to heat up. Get warm quickly by turning on your heater for a limited time, targeting whichever room you’re planning to spend time in to boost the ambient temperature rapidly. 

When it comes to finding the best heater for your home, Mr Samuel explains the science you’ll need to take into consideration:

“Radiators, electric panel heaters and convection heaters work by creating a convection current in a room. As the hot air rises, it circles around to the other side of the room, cools and sinks and travels back along the floor to the heater to be reheated again.

“Halogen heaters are directional, so once on, you’ll instantly feel the heat. As soon as you turn them off, however, the heat quickly dissipates. Convection heaters, electric panel heaters or free-standing electric radiators work by heating the air around them to create a convection current. They take some time to heat a room, but once turned off the heat lingers.”


A Halogen Heater

The Fine Elements 1200W Halogen Heater is a compact machine, which nonetheless radiates warmth like a fireplace. One of its brilliant features is that this heater oscillates, which enables it to spread the heat left and right, covering larger areas. The tip over cut-out feature means that if the heater falls or tilts too much, it will automatically turn off – preventing fire hazards.


More Ways to Reduce Energy Costs While Working From Home

Ways to Reduce Energy Costs While Working From Home


Ways to Reduce Energy Costs While Working From Home



The general estimated heat loss for all flooring is around 10%, so adding a rug essentially adds a layer of insulation to your floor – which immediately makes a difference to the temperature of your room. Even if it’s already carpeted, especially if the flooring is hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl, adding a rug is a quick win for heat retention!

The Charles Bentley Natural Jute Runner Rug is a hardwearing, versatile piece that provides a great solution to the cold drafts in hallways, corridors or other home-work spaces, as well as offering protection for the floor from office chair wheels.


Scented Candles

They might not provide the biggest flame, or most heat, but lighting a candle increases the cosiness of your room in seconds. . Go for an Autumnal favourite like the Yankee Candle in Pumpkin Pecan Pie to boost the warmth of your environment, instantly and make you feel warm and cosy.


There are many ways to reduce energy costs when working form home this winter you just need to be prepared , creative and organised. 

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