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Ways to use up sweet potatoes

Ways to use up sweet potatoes are many and varied. lets take a look at some great ideas


Ways to use up sweet potatoes


With the holiday season upon us, it can be easy to cook or just hoard a bit too much then you actually need, and if that’s exactly what has happened, here’s something to help!Read on to discover some easy ways to put those extra sweet potatoes to use


Ways to use up sweet potatoes

Just so many super delicious ways!


Ways to use up sweet potatoes


Make Mashed Chipotle Potatoes

This recipe can be perfect if you’ve got some extra mashed sweet potatoes, or even just cooked ones for that matter! All you need to do is mash the potatoes and combine them with a generous helping of chipotle sauce and a handful of chopped coriander. Don’t have chipotle sauce? It’s pretty easy to make. Just mix together some milk and chipotle pepper, cook over medium heat and add in some sour cream, salt, pepper, butter and maple syrup.


Add Them to Your Salad

A super easy way to use those leftover sweet potatoes is to cut them into cubes and add them to your salads! Since sweet potatoes are very dense and filling, make sure you balance them out with lighter veggies and fruits in your salads.


Whip ‘Em Up Into a Winter Soup

There’s nothing comforting like a bowl of soup during the chilly winters, and if you’ve got some extra sweet potatoes lying around, you could use them too!

Start by sauteing some onions and carrots in a large saucepan until they soften, and then add some diced sweet potatoes.

Throw in some chopped garlic, ginger and chilli flakes, season with salt, and add some stock. Close the lid on the saucepan and allow the veggies to cook completely. Once done, remove from heat and allow it to cool down for a bit before blitzing it into a smooth mixture!


Ways to use up sweet potatoes – Turn Them Into Pancakes

Swap your regular pancakes for some sweet potato pancakes, and you’ll end up wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Simply combine some mashed sweet potato with eggs, a bit of nutmeg powder and sugar and whisk it well. Cook this just like you would normal pancakes, and yeah, don’t forget to top them with some maple syrup!


Ways to use up sweet potatoes

Ways to use up sweet potatoes


Ways to use up sweet potatoes – Chip It

If you’ve got some extra uncooked sweet potatoes, there’s nothing better than turning them into a healthy snack option! Slice them up, spread them on a baking tray lined with a baking sheet, drizzle some olive oil over them and follow it up with a light sprinkle of salt before you pop ‘em in until they’re nice and crisp!


Hash Brown ‘Em – great ways to use up sweet potatoes

Last, but definitely not the least, you can always turn them into healthy hash browns. Just grate them, combine them with lightly sauteed onions and garlic, and cook them on medium-high flame until crisp on both sides.

To lend your hash browns a kick of flavour, you can also add some chilli flakes or paprika powder into the mix.

Also, a little tip to make sure your hash browns are crispy- make sure the sweet potatoes are dry before you mix them with the onion-garlic mixture.


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