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Weekends with Friends: Planning for a Parenting Getaway

Being a parent can sometimes be an exhausting experience. When you’re all tapped out, that is when you need to take the weekend off. But doing it alone can be boring. So, if you have friends who feel the same way, consider going on a parenting getaway with them. Here are some tips on how to make it happen.


Know who’s coming

One of the first things to do is to get the gang together. However, friend groups can have tensions. If you want a relaxing weekend, you should be picky about who you’ll call. It also depends on what the plans are. For example, you might decide that this is an all-girls weekend which means the husbands will be left behind. Another choice is a couple’s weekend. Whatever your choice, you should juggle the personalities of everyone invited so that it can be an enjoyable weekend.



Rent a place

If you want to get away from responsibilities, looking for a place to stay should be at the top of your list. Whether it is a resort, a hotel, or something similar, you need to ensure that it will accommodate everyone at your party. There are even large houses to rent so you can accommodate your group.


Mark it on your calendar

Now that you have the people and the place, it is time to schedule it so everyone can come. This part of the planning is usually the most difficult since conflicting schedules make it hard to match dates. A good rule is to look for a date a couple of months in the future. It makes a date distant enough for rescheduling and not too far away. While a night out can be easy to arrange, a few days away is quite difficult to set aside time for. Coordinate everyone’s schedule and regularly call to confirm they are still coming.


Get the supplies

A getaway isn’t complete without food and drinks. You don’t have to worry if you are staying at a hotel and have money to spend. If you spend the weekend with friends, you’ll want to stock up on essentials. Most friend groups have similar tastes, so you should be able to buy items that everyone likes. For example, no one can refuse chocolate and treats. If you like to cook, buy the ingredients and cook at home. Be sure to pack enough for everyone.


Prepare to relax

With your weekend getaway arriving, you should be taking steps to stop anyone from interrupting it. Do all your work and more before you leave. If you have children, leave them with their grandparents or trusted relatives. Eliminate all your worries so that no one calls on your cell phone.


Final thoughts

Taking a break is essential if you want to be at your best. It is even better with friends since they can help you talk things out and commiserate with your problems. In addition, knowing that someone else is also dealing with your issues can be reassuring. Follow the tips above to have a fully relaxing break with friends.

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