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Weird Fish Clothing – Review

Today – Weird Fish Clothing Review

I have a huge love affair with fashion yet this lockdown has made me lazy.

Has that happened to you?

Some days I have barely even brushed my hair and on many days I haven’t even considered what to wear.

That needed to change.

When an email inviting me to take a peek at Weird Fish’s Summer 2020 clothing popped up in my inbox I suddenly refocussed!

I do absolutely love a new summer dress and Weird Fish do them so very well.

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean looking scruffy (unless you want to of course and we all have days when we just don’t care !) Weird Fish clothing to the rescue!



weird fish clothing


Weird Fish Clothing Review

Have a look at which of the Weird Fish clothing pieces from their summer 2020 collection I chose to review and how I accessorised. You can see the full collection of Weird Fish clothing here

I was asked if I would like to review a couple of items and oh, I just had to choose a dress from their new collection. Weird Fish clothing is lovely but their summer collection is even lovelier than usual.

The trouble was which one of the gorgeous Weird Fish clothing items should I choose to review?

The collection of Weird Fish dresses really were all just gorgeous. The dress I chose was light and comfy and the jersey made it incredibly practical. I could sit at my desk and work with it or wander my neighbourhood with pride. It really is a dress for all occasions.


Tallahassee Patterned Cotton Jersey Dress Cream

This retails at £35 and is available online at Weird Fish – it also comes in dark navy, blue wash and radical red with different patterns on. It can be purchased here





I have to say I got a LOT of compliments on this lovely dress. Weird Fish clothing is swoon-worthy!


The perfect bag for a stroll

I also got to choose a bag to review – the bags at the store compliment the Weird Fish dresses beautifully.


Loula Plain Cross Body Bag Navy

This lovely practical bag with inner compartments and an adjustable strap retails at £25 and can be purchased here



Now I have been having a bit of a bag problem lately. None of mine were right.  I needed something small enough to come out on my daily walk with me, soft enough to be comfy because I’ve not long had an operation and have a couple of still tender scars. It also needed to be cute and versatile enough to go with anything.

Oh yes, it needed to be a shoulder bag too. A bit picky? Yep, that is me.

I did indeed find the perfect bag in the Loula. It came in red too and I may have to pop that one on my birthday list!



weird fish clothing


Weird Fish clothing is quality, comfy, cool clothes and I found their whole range just delicious! Oh, how I have enjoyed this Weird Fish review!


And there’s more

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