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Welcome To Wales!

Welcome To Wales!

Welcome To Wales


If you’ve been thinking about where to go on your holidays and Wales has come up in discussion – it’s for good reason. Wales is such an attractive place with so many different things to see and do; you’d be mad not to go and investigate.

Here are all the things Wales can offer you.



The landscapes

The Welsh landscape is one that is rich and indulging, with the green hills that roll around the borders, amongst the crystal clear lakes and rivers that centre themselves within the mountains that can be hiked up, like Snowdon. This inspiring scenery holds so much beauty that it draws in artists from around the world who attempt to capture its charm onto a canvas. There are seventy-four nature reserves to be seen, as well as three national parks. – Bare in mind Wales is a rather small country, so picture how magical every single part of it will be.



The beach

The beaches in Wales are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful. People even say that they’re better than what the Mediterranean has to offer. Sure, it may not get as hot, but they have some of the most stunning views, and better yet – they’re not overcrowded with tourists! There are plenty of different locations to choose from, but if you’re not quite sure and need a bit of guidance, the town of tenby is a wonderful area to visit. It has even had its own documentary series on ITV based on the life in Tenby harbour!



The wildlife

Wales is surrounded by the most exquisite wildlife because it thrives and grows there, whereas a lot of other places don’t create a natural environment for animals due to pollution and other factors regarding the area. You can expect to see butterflies and dragonflies flying around gardens and lakes, while many colourful crabs, starfish, and other marine life reside on the coast hiding in the rock pools. You may even be lucky enough to spot dolphins, seals, and even porpoises in the sea! And if you’re a self-proclaimed bird watcher, then that’s a reason in itself to visit Wales. There are tons of different breeds you can see in their natural habitat – even puffins! They aren’t bothered by people either, so you can get pretty close without them getting spooked.



The food and drink

Although you may pair cheese with France – Wales is known for its award-winning cheeses which range from goat’s cheese to soft cheddars, to strong stinkers! (If you’re into that!) There is even a Welsh delicacy named ‘rarebit’, which is essentially a fancy cheese sauce on toast. There are many other famous dishes to try depending on where you go which include laverbread, cockles, and Glamorgan sausages. And don’t forget about the drinks! Wales is also famous for making their own crafted beer and ale which can be found in the traditional pubs around town. There are even some delicious wines that are being produced locally too so keep your eyes peeled for them.


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  1. January 24, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    I am Wales born and bred. And you are so right with what you’re saying. I love my Wales. One of the most beautiful places to visit on a good, warm day is Anglesey. You can go watch the planes at valley, or visit the sea zoo, or like you say just go to the beach. It truly is stunning (but clearly I’m biased) I frequently head up the coast, up through Colwyn Bay, Conwy, Llandudno, Caernarfon and Bangor. I live on the border with Chester. So getting away down there is just bliss. We go camping up in Snowdonia quite a lot too. I love it.

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