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What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?



What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Are you wondering what are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps? Or maybe even what a Himalayan salt lamp? You’ve come to the

right place.

Himalayan salt lamps are lamps that are made from Himalayan salts. Smallish light bulbs are placed in large chunks of

Himalayan salt, making them emit a warm, pink glow when they are on. This makes them equally as beautiful as they are helpful when placing them in the home.

The way the Himalayan salt lamp works is by changing the charge of the air by producing ions that have a variety of health benefits. These benefits range from allergies to headaches to better sleep and more.

What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?


Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Improve Your Breathing with a Himalayan salt lamp

If you suffer from asthma, struggle with allergies or wish to improve your breathing, Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to your home. One of the Himalayan salt lamp benefits is that it can filter particles from indoor air. This includes things like microscopic mould, mildew, pet dander, dust and more.

By adding a Himalayan salt lamp to your room, those that suffer from respiratory ailments may see some relief. If you’re suffering from a seasonal cold, pink salt lamps can also aid in that relieving that nagging cough that seems to linger. Depending on the size of the room, you may need to add multiple Himalayan pink salt lamps to see the desired effect.


Increase Energy Levels with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Those that struggle with maintaining energy levels throughout the day may benefit from Himalayan salt lamps. It’s thought that the negative ions that are emitted help rejuvenate the body. This is especially true for those that suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

The boost in energy from these salt lamps is thought to be similar to that of when you are able to spend time in the outdoors and can truly relax. During the winter months, this isn’t always possible, so salt lamps are a great alternative.


Improve Your Sleep with Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to the bedroom due to the warm glow that they emit, but they also aid in improving your sleep quality.

Not only does it filter your air and make it easier to breathe at night, but it can also help improve your sleep patterns. If you want

to reap the Himalayan salt lamp benefits for nighttime, have it on while you sleep. If you need the room to be totally dark while sleeping, spend time by the salt lamp during the day and turn it off at night.


Reduce Static Electricity

Static electricity can be annoying and painful. Luckily, one of the Himalayan salt lamp benefits is that it can reduce static electricity. Himalayan pink salt lamps do this by neutralizing the airborne ionized particles that cause static electricity. This means fewer bad hair days, fewer zaps when you reach for the doorknob, and fewer issues when petting your furry friends.

In order to receive the maximum Himalayan salt lamp benefits, remember that you need to place the Himalayan salt lamp in the room that you need the most relief. Suffering from allergies? Place it in the living room or wherever you spend most of your time.

Suffering from insomnia? Place the salt lamp in the bedroom. And if you’re currently struggling from multiple problems, consider buying multiple Himalayan salt lamps or larger lamps to have in the rooms you spend the most time in.

And if you’re in a humid climate, pay attention to the surface that your Himalayan salt lamp is on. When the lamp cools, it may drip onto the surface it’s on. Place something underneath like a cloth or plate to prevent it from settling on the furniture.


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