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What do you look for in a bag?

What do you look for in a bag?
I  have to confess I am rather a bag addict and I have rather a love hate relationship with them.
I have many bags and I swap and change the bags I use from day to day . This is a problem as I have a trail of my belonging spread across several bags and always struggle to find what I need. The reason I swap them about so much is because some days I need to cart about books and my ipad other times I am going for a walk and want a smaller bag, A different day I might swap it to something more waterproof or something smarter. This list goes on.


What I would like is to find that perfect day bag that I don’t need to keep changing..that would be so nice.
So I have a checklist – my perfect bag would …


  • Have enough pockets to keep my stuff in order
  • Plain though classic and smart
  • Waterproof
  • Able to sit on my shoulder
  • Will go with any outfit
  • Big enough for my  mini iPad and a book
  • Not too many pockets so I have to search for ages to find anything
  • Hard wearing and robust
  • Wipeable
  • Really beautiful

So I don’t want much do I! Oh and I forget to mention I am Vegetarian so the bag needs to be non-leather too. I also don’t want to spend too much.

That elusive bag. It must be out there somewhere.

What do you look for in bag?

Image: All the bags featured are from a huge range of hand bag sales collated at Love the Sales.





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