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What is an RJ11 Cable?


If you are unfamiliar, there are several types of cabling out there. Each has a different purpose and use, which makes one more ideal for a particular application than another. There is a pretty good chance that you’ve seen one that has a physical connector called a registered jack.

Though we don’t use telephone jacks quite as often as we used to, that type of cabling is still used every day. Here is what you need to know about RJ11 cabling and how it can be used.

What is RJ11 and How is it Different From Other Connectors?

RJ11 is short for registered jack 11. An RJ11 cable is a connector type that is used where telephone cables are involved. Whether for home or business use, these connectors will have either four or six pins. They are also used to connect not only phones but modems and any other kind of telecommunication device that supports that kind of connector.

RJ11 has been specifically to be used for telephone cables. Compared to other connector types, there are fewer pins involved (especially when compared to RJ45 cables). The latter is what you will find when it comes to creating an ethernet connection for home and business use.

Connecting and Use for an RJ11 Cable

One of the best things about using an RJ11 cable is its simplicity. All you need to do to use an RJ11 cable is insert the connector end into the jack, either on your phone or to your computer or modem. The other end then goes into the wall jack or any other kind of phone line.

Though they look very similar to RJ45 cables, which can be used for ethernet, RJ11 cannot be used to create an ethernet connection. The connectors do not have enough pins required to support the data speeds that are required for ethernet connections. These are fine for connecting devices that require a connection to a telephone jack.

RJ11 vs. DSL vs. RJ14

One of the worst things about an RJ11 cable is how similar it looks to several others. The RJ11 connector has a pinout where Pin 1 is in the center, Pin 2 is to the right, and Pin 3 is to the left. Pin 4 would be the outermost contact. Other connection types, like ethernet, have at least six pins that are used to transfer data.

RJ11 can actually be used or DSL modems when connecting to a phone line. If you have high-speed DSL, you might need an RJ45 connector to support the improved data transfer speeds. Compared to an RJ14 cable, which is similar to the RJ11, the four pins are split into two lines. This is primarily used in business phone systems and not much else.

Other Information About RJ11 Connectors

There is a maximum cable length when it comes to RJ11 cables. That can depend on a few factors like the amount of interference in that environment, the quality of the cable, and the speed of the connection. A good rule of thumb is to keep the length under 100 feet in order to keep signal loss to a minimum.

Most typically, RJ11 cables are used to connect a landline phone. Though they have largely been phased out in residential settings, they are a standard connector for business phone systems. There may be a time when you need to crimp it onto a cable, in which case you will need a connector and a crimping tool. Strip the insulation, arrange the wires, and insert them into the connector. Finally, crip the connector to the cable and make sure that the pins are seated.



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