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What Kind of Material Should Your Neck Pillow Be Made Of?

What kind of pillow to choose – orthopedic or conventional, of course, you decide. But in the case of health problems it is better not to experiment. It is no secret that a healthy, sound sleep is a guarantee of health of the body as a whole. Orthopedic pillows provide a comfortable position of the head during sleep and the correct position of the cervical spine. Select and buy an orthopedic pillow can here


What Kind of Material Should Your Neck Pillow Be Made Of?

When choosing a pillow you should know that a good pillow supports the head and cervical spine, and helps the entire upper torso to relax. You should also pay attention to the width of the shoulders, the favorite position during sleep, the softness of the mattress, the material from which the pillow is made, the price and the place of purchase.



To understand how to choose the height of an orthopedic pillow, you need to know the basic criteria for selection. These include the posture in which a person most often sleeps, the rigidity of the mattress, and it is also necessary to necessarily assess the condition of the person after waking up.


  • The wider the shoulders, the higher the pillow is required for a good sleep.
  • If the person sleeps on their back, they need a lower pillow than if they sleep on their side.
  • If a person is used to sleeping on his side the pillow should be of medium height (8-10cm).
  • If the mattress is soft, the pillow should be lower than when sleeping on a firmer surface.
  • If the person sleeps predominantly on the stomach – he/she needs a soft low pillow.
  • If the mattress is soft, the height of the pillow should be slightly higher (part of the shoulder goes into the mattress).
  • If the person often puts a hand under the head or under the pillow, the pillow is too low.
  • If the neck hurts in the morning and the shoulders get stiff, the pillow is too low and the mattress is too firm.
  • If the person is uncomfortable sleeping and often tosses and turns, the pillow may be too high.
  • If a person falls asleep on his side and wakes up on his back, it means that the pillow is too low or the mattress is too firm and uncomfortable – the body tries to find a more comfortable position at night.


Orthopedic neck pillow material

The selection of orthopedic neck support pillows depends on the material of the filler, as this determines its rigidity, ability and the period during which it retains its shape, as well as the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Natural pillows (down, feather) can cause allergies, synthetic – only in cases of individual intolerance. If you suffer from allergies, choose synthetic pillows.


It is better to use contoured orthopedic pillows with a small seal under the neck, which provides maximum relaxation of neck muscles and comfortable sleep. Such pillows are made on the basis of special materials that take an individual shape, taking into account the anatomical features of a particular person. When you lie it preserves the anatomically correct position of the cervical spine. Due to this, the vessels of the neck are not squeezed, and blood circulation to the head is not deteriorated. This means that in the morning you will have a good complexion and no swelling.

Today on sale there are many modifications of anatomical pillows. Mid-priced anatomic pillows are made of material with memory effect – it reacts to pressure and heat, takes the form of the body. When you remove the pressure slowly (1-2 seconds) restores its shape. The sensation is that when the pillow is pressed on it does not “push out” but slowly adjusts itself. These materials can be hard and soft. They are made both on the basis of synthetic foam (polyurethane), and a mixture of latex and memory foam (memorilatex, viscolastic), with a predominance of synthetic materials.

Latex orthopedic pillows allow full relaxation of the cervical spine and relieve muscular tension. Latex products do not harbor microorganisms, which reduces the risk of allergic and respiratory diseases. Natural latex has excellent durability, does not crumble, does not deteriorate under the action of moisture and keeps its shape for 10-15 years. Products do not release free radicals, toxic substances and radioactive elements into the atmosphere. Lack of medical contraindications makes natural latex pillows ideal companions for healthy and sound sleep.

Material with the memory effect – reacts to pressure and heat, takes the form of the body. When you release pressure slowly, in 3-5 seconds, it restores its shape. It feels like the pillow does not “push out” when you press it, but slowly adjusts to the shape of your body.

These materials can be hard or soft. They are made both on the basis of synthetic foam (polyurethane) and latex (memoir latex).

It is important to remember that pillows with a memory effect should never be washed. Water destroys the structure of the pillow, and the memory effect is lost. Orthopedic pillows made of viscoelastic memory foam should not be wet and washed – this will destroy the structure of the material. They should be well ventilated 2-3 times a year. Almost never make orthopedic pillows of pure latex – they will be very heavy and hard. Latex is foamed and a small amount of other materials is added to it – these are the premium pillows. They are very elastic, soft, and toasty.



Keep in mind, everything is individual. Just like when choosing a mattress, clothes, and shoes. What is perfect for one person may be uncomfortable for another. 

A pillow should be comfortable in height, shape, and other characteristics. “Orthopedically correct” should also be comfortable for you!

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