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What makes Monte Carlo a bucket list destination?

Located in Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, Monte Carlo is one of the highlights of Europe. Well known for its gorgeous weather, luxurious casinos and world famous motorsport competitions, Monte Carlo is a must-visit destination for any traveller.


Monte Carlo a bucket list destination


Beautiful French Riviera weather

If you are looking for a break on the European continent that is certain to have warm weather all seasons, then look no further than Monte Carlo. Located in the French Riviera, Monaco has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with temperatures surpassing 26C in July and August.

Summers are warm and dry and winters rainy and mild. Being able to soak up the sun is great for relaxation and means outdoor activities can be planned with confidence.


Awesome evening entertainment options

Visitors travel from countries around the world to experience Monte Carlo’s vibrant night time entertainment. Those who play live casino games at Megaways are bound to be impressed by the grand Casino de Monte-Carlo, a central entertainment complex consisting of a casino, restaurants, bars and the Opéra de Monte-Carlo.

The casino floor is one of the finest in the world, there is an exceptional selection of games, including trente et quarante, baccarat, poker, French roulette and blackjack. Also, the casino has almost 1000 slot machines with win lines ranging from one to more than 200.

For a James Bond-like experience, visitors can enjoy a martini in the Lounge Bar Salle Europe. For a more relaxed vibe, there is the Asian themed Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo, also for dancing and top DJ performance there is VIP club Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo.

Outside of Casino de Monte-Carlo are a wide array of other evening attractions. For fans of jazz and blues music, La Note Bleue on the beachfront is a chilled-out lounge and restaurant offering live music and tapas.

Alternatively, for a slightly different evening experience there is the 18th century historic Fort Antoine Theatre. This outside theatre in a stunning setting puts on contemporary and classical plays in the evenings and seats up to 350 visitors.


What makes Monte Carlo a bucket list destination?

Monte Carlo is steeped in history

Speaking of historical sights, Monte Carlo has a very interesting history that you can learn about as you explore important cultural venues. For example, there is the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the burial site of actress Grace Kelly.

The Cathedral was built in the late 1800s and has a beautiful Carrara-marble altar. Admission to the venue is free.

There is also the Saint Charles Church which is built in a French Renaissance-style that was popular in the late 19th century. Within, you will find the gilded chandeliers that were once hung in the Prince’s throne room.

Visitors to Saint Charles will appreciate the beautiful stained glass windows. Admission is also free here.

There is also Port Hercules, the only deep water port in Monaco. Between October and November visitors to the port can enjoy the festivities at the Foire de Monaco. This port was the setting for scenes in the James Bond 1995 film GoldenEye, it is famous for the scene where Bond tries to stop villain Xenia Onatopp from stealing a helicopter.


Jam-packed events calendar

There are world famous events taking part in Monte Carlo and the surrounding areas all year round. Due to its convenient location, fantastic venues and climate, it is the ideal setting for all kinds of events, from sport and fashion to concerts and car shows.

One of the most watched events is of course the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. During the Grand Prix, Monte Carlo stops all usual business and caters to fans of the race.

For those in the fashion world, Monte Carlo is the place to be during Monte-Carlo Fashion Week. Designers and stylists come from far and wide to participate in runway shows and fashion events, even the royal family participate in its planning.

As a leading location and art, it is no surprise that Monaco participates in the European Night of the Museums. During this annual event entry to all museums is free of charge for visitors. The aim to get a wider audience interested in art, many countries across Europe also participate in this event.

Other notable events in Monaco include the Top Marques showcasing all kinds of luxury vehicles and the National Rosé Day aimed at promoting local wine manufacturing.


Unforgettable dining experiences

Lastly, another compelling reason to add Monte Carlo to your travel bucket list is the wonderful food and drink options available.

For example, there is the luxurious La Table d’Antonio Salvatore au Rampoldi. This Italian themed restaurant has a Michelin star and serves extravagant dishes, such as Terrine de foie gras and Tortellis au crabe royal.

While much of the food in Monte Carlo is French and Mediterranean inspired, Restaurant Yoshi offers top quality Japanese dishes. Guests can enjoy everything from aromatic soups to sushi and maki. This restaurant also caters to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets.

So from tempting gourmet foods to fascinating cultural sites, Monte Carlo has a huge range on offer for visitors and is certainly one for the bucket list.


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