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What Safety Products Do You Need for Home DIY and on Construction Sites?

What Safety Products Do You Need for Home DIY

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has pointed out that “Over-ambition and lack of knowledge are two of the biggest factors in DIY accidents causing death and injury.” Nowhere is lack of knowledge more apparent than the fact that so many people attempt DIY without the most basic of safety equipment.




What Safety Products Do You Need for Home DIY

Even in professional construction, where the law specifies strict health and safety codes, safety sometimes takes a backseat to convenience. So what are the most essential safety products?


DIY Basics

The safety equipment you need depends largely on what you’re going to be doing, and ranges from sturdy safety shoes to tool tethering products for working at heights. As the BBC website comments, reporting that there are estimated to be 70 DIY-related deaths annually, “Far too many DIYers think it’s not macho to ask for help or even use protective equipment such as goggles.”

Eye protection, such as safety spectacles or goggles, should be worn whenever you’re doing any job, such as drilling or sawing, that could result in chips flying off. In fact, although these are the highest-risk activities, so many DIY jobs are potentially hazardous to the eyes that it’s as well to get into the habit of wearing eye protection at all times.

Neither power tools nor anything sharp should be used without wearing protective gloves. In addition, if you’re using a power tool for more than a short burst, especially in an enclosed space, you should think about hearing protection such as ear plugs or earmuffs.


safety hats

Working at Height

There are particular hazards when you’re working at height. Besides having the right ladder for the job (and knowing how to use it correctly), it’s vital to make sure you don’t drop tools, especially if you have children who might be standing below. A tool dropped from a height can kill, so it’s essential to have all the appropriate tool tethering products, such as lanyards, shackles or tool belts.

Construction Safety Equipment

According to the Guardian, the construction industry is responsible for more deaths than any other sector. All the DIY safety products mentioned above are essential in construction too, but a construction worker may well need extra protection for jobs rarely tackled by DIYers, such as a welding visor, a fall arrest harness or a safety helmet — though any of these could also be relevant to DIY.

Whether you’re a construction worker or a dedicated DIYer, your life could depend on having the right safety equipment. Check out the range of products Enfield Safety offers.


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  1. December 26, 2017 / 3:15 am

    Hey Becky,

    This is a great post. I’m a huge advocate for work safety, especially hearing protection. A lot of power tools easily generate a decibel rating high enough to warrant hearing protection.

    I’m glad you put this article together, thanks!

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