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What should a business do with surplus stock?

Let’s talk about …What should a business do with surplus stock?


What should a business do with surplus stock?


What should a business do with surplus stock?

If you are a company I am so hoping you have googled ‘what should a business do with surplus stock’ and ended up here. Because I know something GREAT you can do with a surplus stock – you can send it in the direction of In Kind Direct.

If you work for or know of a company that has surplus stock that goes to an incinerator or to landfill then please have a little read of this blog and then go and explore In Kind Direct as a much better option!


What should a business do with surplus stock?


What does In Kind Direct do?

In Kind Direct, in a nutshell, inspires product giving for social good. They take surplus stock from business and then offer that stock to charities at an enormously reduced rate, thus helping both the charity and the environment.  Founded in 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales, it has been going strong and expanding for the last 23 years. It is a well regulated and trusted charity. |Their essential aim is to ensure

that everyone has access to life’s essentials and that no usable product goes to waste.


In Kind Direct help around 10 thousand UK charities of all shapes and sizes gather in the supplies they need to help the people they care for. 



Awesome work. Returns management can be a huge problem for businesses and you can find out more about this at www.finishingline.co.uk

Supplies they take in and redistribute could include clothing, toys, toilet rolls, shampoo, toothpaste and so on: the essentials people need. But  the need is FAR greater than the supply and In Kind Direct need more business partners to make sure they can meet the needs of the charities they serve.

There are some brilliant pallet delivery services available  at great value prices to help this be a good option for charities. 



The impact of product giving

The impact of product giving is fantastic for both the business and charities involved:


Here’s what the business’s who give their surplus stock have to say:

Knowing that hundreds of thousands of our surplus goods are helping small, local charities around the world thanks to the hard work of In Kind Direct, not only ensures we are a more sustainable business, but also inspires and instils a sense of pride among our UK employees.
Doug GurrUK Country Manager, Amazon


Now let hear how a charity benefits:

Without access to the products In Kind Direct provides, we would not be able to offer relief to those in need anywhere close to the level we are currently providing. In fact, on a few occasions, projects have actually been designed around what products we are able to source from In Kind Direct first before proceeding.
Peter Knight, Operations DirectorAura Ion Foundation, Bristol

What should a business do with surplus stock?


Why I am involved

I hate waste and I love to support worthwhile charities. Being involved with In Kind Directs meets both those aims

I have enthusiastically agreed to be an ambassador for In Kind Direct, spreading their message and urging you to do the same. I honestly believe we will look back in shock 25 years from now, incredulous that perfectly usable surplus stock went to landfill and incinerators. We will recognise that waste like that is thoughtless, careless and damaging – our children’s children will be outraged.

It makes no sense that products that could be helpful are destroyed.

Let’s not wait to change things.


A call to action

You, like me, do have the power to help our environment and a number of life-changing charities all by yourself. What can you do? Well, you can do the following:

1) Share this post on the work of In Kind Direct

2) Tell everyone you know about In Kind Direct

3) Talk to brands you work with /shop from or generally come into contact with about what they do with their surplus stock. If there is any waste involved send them in the direction of In Kind Direct. It is an amazing option and makes complete sense.


Have a look at the In Kind Direct manifesto today and please remember their name


Thank you x

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