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What Size TV Stand Should I Buy? 3 things to consider

What Size TV Stand Should I Buy? A look at how to decide


What Size TV Stand Should I Buy?

What Size TV Stand Should I Buy?


What Size TV Stand Should I Buy?

TV stands are necessary for anyone wanting to place a TV in their living space. While mounting a TV on the wall is always an option, it is a more permanent one. Having a good quality and aesthetically pleasing TV stand with storage makes your room easier to reconfigure when needed.

Additionally, many people prefer their TVs to be at eye level versus wall mounted to decrease neck strain. A TV stand is a space saver – just follow these steps to choose the right size for you.



  • Measure your new TV. While new televisions are considerably smaller than in decades past, it is still useful to measure the entire device. Take accurate measurements of length, height, as well as depth.

Knowing how much space is available behind the TV will be useful when choosing your new TV stand. Ensure there is space for airflow behind the TV so that it is not placed directly up against a wall.

  • Measure the space where you plan on placing your new TV stand. It is helpful to make an outline on the floor with tape to make sure it will properly fit without the hassle of having to return it. Take the extra step to measure the height of the TV stand and the height with the TV that will be on top of it.

Next, sit down on your furniture and see if the TV template is in a satisfactory position and height for your comfort. If it is too tall or short, now is the time to find another TV stand before you make a purchase. While laying out the TV stand template, be sure to measure where any doors will be to include how far out into the room they will open into so that they will open with clearance and not hit any walls or other furniture.




  • Gaming consoles can bring both hours of entertainment and frustration in terms of storage. Take stock of how many consoles you own and then measure them to make sure there is enough space inside your TV stand of choice. Once again, ensure there is sufficient space for airflow behind the consoles.
  • Look at your gaming controllers next. Are there a variety of attachments? Proper storage will help you from falling prey to the frustrations of cord entanglement or lack of access to charging stands.
  • Count up your physical video games. Whether you keep digital or physical copies, you’re likely to need a place to store at least a few video games in their cases. Look at your intended TV stand to make sure there’s easy access to your video games, as well.
  • Cords tend to be problematic for many gamers. Read the specifications on the TV stand you’re looking to buy. Make sure that there are openings in the back of the stand to run cords directly through so that they are not visible from the front or sides of the stand.
  • The above guidance applies to DVD players and any DVDs you may have.


Design – What Size TV Stand Should I Buy?

  • Now you get to choose from a variety of unique and beautiful TV Stands. Pick one that you’ll enjoy looking at every day. Find a color that blends into the room where it will be. Or go for a contrasting color or material that will stand out. There are so many eye-catching options to choose from that will surely match your style.
  • If you have objects or books that you like to display, factor that into the design and size of the TV stand that you plan on purchasing.


A TV stand will make a functional and attractive addition to your home. Take some time to make sure you’re choosing the right one for continued enjoyment and function in years to come.



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