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What to consider when framing and hanging your favourite artwork

What to consider when framing and hanging your favourite artwork

Whether you’ve already got an art collection or you’re looking to brighten up your home, it can be hard to know where to start.

Showing off your artwork can actually be really simple if you break it down. Take a look at the key points to consider when framing and hanging pictures.

framing and hanging your favourite artwork



Choosing where to hang your artwork

You don’t need a huge, blank wall to hang art. If you’ve got this space available, then a series of related pictures or one really large piece could look stunning, but there are plenty of other places that work.

Try placing your art in the desired location without actually hanging it up. This will help you to see how it fits in the room and allows you to try different locations before committing.

Look for natural framing devices like alcoves and chimney breasts. You could hang a painting in a fireplace, between shelf brackets—even on a door. Use your imagination and get creative!

If you’ve got lots of smaller pictures, hang them in a collage in the centre of a wall. This creates one large focal point rather than spreading out the pieces.



Choosing picture frame colours

A great tip when deciding on a picture frame colour is to pick a colour from the artwork itself. For a picture of a green field with red poppies, you might choose a red frame to make the flowers pop.

If you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary feel, silver picture frames add a luxurious touch to your décor. Black and white photographs look particularly striking framed in silver, or you can contrast a vibrant, multi-coloured painting with a minimalist silver frame.



The bigger picture

Pictures can create a focal point in a room, add a touch of sophistication, or make a home feel cosy. Consider what you’re trying to achieve and choose artwork and colours to suit, making sure that they complement your décor.

Try hanging prints of your favourite book covers in a home office, or family photos in the living room. You might choose ornate, flowery frames for a room overlooking the garden, or metallic frames for a bathroom with chrome fixtures.

When deciding how high to hang your pictures, consider how the room is used. People are usually sat down in a living or dining room, so pictures should be hung lower. In a hallway or kitchen, they would be better at head height. You shouldn’t have to strain to look at them.

Now you know the most important factors to consider, there’s nothing holding you back from making the most of your favourite artwork and creating your own gallery at home.


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