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What To Do When Your Garden Trees Get Out Of Control

It’s probably safe to say that most people love trees! They can be lush, provide shade, and are great for the environment, providing a home for a list of creatures.

Sadly, not all is well when it comes to trees. The animals living in them face the prospects of food shortages as trees face immense stress under the effects of climate change. So, trees need to be looked after, even in the most extreme circumstances, if possible.

Of course, not all trees are easy to look after. Some can get out of control in their growth and be challenging to manage. Instead of chopping them down out of frustration, here are some more sensible and measured responses that might help you in this situation.  


What To Do When Your Garden Trees Get Out Of Control


Know What You’re Dealing With

While you may not be an expert on trees, it’s a good idea to understand exactly how your tree is getting out of control. After all, there are numerous ways this can happen.

Examine your tree closely and try to determine things like:

  • The type of tree you’re dealing with – Different species have varying characteristics and may have different growth patterns and pruning requirements.
  • Whether overgrowth is occurring – If branches are growing onto your neighbours’ property, it’s their responsibility to prune it on their side to the border
  • If branches are tangled – Tangled branches can impede sunlight exposure, further impacting the growth of other plant life and organisms dependent on photosynthesis. Pathogens can also develop.

There are other things to look out for, but an expert can inform you of those. Still, these problems can require different responses. Try to appreciate that.   


Hire a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons are skilled professionals who can expertly maintain trees, ensuring they’re safe to be around. Consulting them should be a priority.

Even if you’re tempted to prune or manage a tree yourself, it’s generally recommended that you refrain and allow an expert to oversee these responsibilities. They’ll remove branches, safely prune the tree, and know which parts should be removed and which should be left alone. If the tree needs to be cut down, they can also recommend replacements.

For example, this tree surgeon in Bolton provides much-needed support to people in the area. All of their operatives are well-trained in different pruning methods and can fell a tree safely in some of the more challenging environments. They’re also fully trustworthy, as they’re Safe Contractor Approved, NHS approved, and also a Local Authority Approved Contractor. Proceed ethically and safely with their help, or hire a similar service near you.


Follow Up With Your Tree

The cycle repeats to a degree in that you’ll need to monitor your tree closely after the tree surgeon has worked their magic. It might be tempting to close the book on this chapter, but you shouldn’t.

We listed some things to look for with an out-of-control tree under the first heading. However, ideally, your subsequent checks post-surgeon visit can mean that things don’t get to that level again.

Keep an eye on your tree. For instance, you can partake in the fertilizing and watering of the tree, per your tree surgeon’s instructions. You may also wish to look into pest management measures. Ultimately, you’re not powerless here.


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