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What Type Of Holiday Would Suit You Best This Year? The Options To Consider

olidays are something we all tend to think about at some point at the beginning of the year. It helps as you can start to plan out the year and decide when is best to go and what you want to do. Plus when the weather is a little grim, it can certainly perk you up knowing you have something nice to look forward to. So, have you been thinking about what sort of holiday you might like this year? I thought I would share with you some of the best options to consider.



Something active

Perhaps you want a holiday that requires you to be a little more active. With more focus being placed on your lifestyle, moving more and being more healthy, more people are opting for a holiday that requires them to be active. Whether that is active breaks in Madeira or a hiking adventure in the Azores, finding something active is easier than it once was. It might even be a resort that is focused on sports, be that land activities or sports in the water.


Something romantic

We have officially entered the month of love, and so it might be a romantic break away that is going to suit you this year. You may think a city break where food and relaxation are on the menu, it might be taking in some of the most romantic sites known such as Paris or Venice. It could just be a resort where you get some adult only time and it is catered exclusively for couples.


Something luxurious

On the topic of resorts, maybe a more luxurious holiday is on the cards this year. Perhaps a windful in an extra bonus or some extra savings means that you can afford something a little more first class. It could be a long haul holiday on a beach resort like Bali or even ticking off something from your bucket list. The luxury could be started right form the moment you step on the plane, paying for an upgraded seat instead of sitting in economy. Enjoying a few glasses of bubbles during the flight, and indulging in features like a swim up room or bar and top quality restaurants.


What Type Of Holiday


Something adventurous

Are you after a little adventure this year? Maybe camping under the stars or a planned road trip is right up your street. An adventurous holiday can be a lot of fun, but they also tend to be a holiday that is always on the move with a strict itinerary of activities and things to do. They can certainly be a lot of fun and adventurous families can often be seen hiking, camping or even exploring different landscapes and sights.


Something hot

If you think of holiday is there one word that comes to mind? For many people a holiday is associated with hot weather. So perhaps your only stipulation for a holiday this year is that you go somewhere warm and with guaranteed good weather. Most places during the summer close to the Equator would give you good weather, and it might be the perfect tonic to what could have been a stressful period in work. Good weather also helps you to relax and enjoy the sunshine, read a book on your sun lounger and sip a cocktail. Sounds like heaven.


Something cool

Maybe a hot holiday isn’t the one for you and you prefer somewhere cooler. Heading north would be ideal to places like Iceland, Finland or Denmark. A cooler holiday could then entail other activities and sightseeing. Perhaps you want to try your hand at some skiing or take in the famous Northern Lights. A cooler holiday can give you the ideal opportunity to do something a little more vigorous, such as other activities like camping, hiking or sports.


Something interesting

Finally, maybe you consider yourself a historical genius and you love learning about new cultures and taking in sights and sounds of locations. You are probably after a holiday that in just genuinely interesting and either a city break or visiting a different country you perhaps haven’t been to before would be the ideal solution. Bucket list worthy experiences like walking the great wall of china, hiking to Machu Picchu or simply taking in the historical sites of European cities could be the perfect holiday for you this year.


Whichever direction you choose to go in, I hope you get yourself something booked soon so that you can begin the exciting countdown. A holiday can definitely alleviate the winter blues.



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