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What we love most about Christmas

There are so many reasons Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – and so many reasons why we love this festive period full of family, friends and of course, lots and lots of tasty food. Here’s our top five things we love most about Christmas:


Festive TV Adverts

If there’s one thing that unites families each and every Christmas, it’s the festive TV adverts. Families of all shapes and sizes gather around the sofa in anticipation to see what the big names will produce this year. Will John Lewis reign with their Christmas ad yet again? Or will ALDI knock them out of the park with their chosen festive narrative?

Festive TV adverts usually mark the official start of the Christmas period. In other words, it’s when you truly know Christmas has started.


Christmas lights switch on

The Christmas lights switch on is an important part of any town’s local culture. Whether you live in the city suburbs, or in a rural countryside village where everyone gets invited around for Christmas dinner, the Christmas lights switch on is a guaranteed way of spreading some much-needed Christmas cheer.

And who knows, there might even be a B-list celebrity doing the honours this year…


What we love most about Christmas

Christmas decorations (Before December!?…)

How early can we put the decorations up, is a contentious subject in all homes across England. However, as shops continue to get their Christmas stock in from as early as August, neighbours are more and more motivated to start adorning their front gardens with outdoor Christmas lights as soon as the skies start getting darker.

Screw the old Victorian tradition of putting up your decs on Christmas Eve and leaving them all the way up until Twelfth Night! These days anytime from the end of November is the perfect time to start getting those boxes down from the attic…


Festive Food

Even the biggest Scrooge loves one part of Christmas: the food. Whether it’s chocolate, mince pies, or cheese and crackers, this is the time of the year when people feel the need to indulge. Being more generous to less fortunate people is strongly encouraged – you know why carol singers always sing, bring us some figgy pudding!


Christmas Jumpers

Originally starting in the chilly Nordic countries of Northern Europe, Christmas jumpers have come a long way. These brilliantly garish items truly came into their own in the 1980s, and as the decade progressed slowly wormed their way into the festive wardrobe that we know and love today.

The only other outfit to sport for a delicious Christmas roast other than PJ’s? A horrible Christmas jumper, of course!

Whether it’s the TV ads, the festive food, or even putting up the Christmas decorations two months too soon, there are so many things we love about Christmas.



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