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What would the perfect bathroom look like

What would the perfect bathroom look like?

I can tell you the answer to this because I have dreamed of mine for so long, I know exactly what I would like my ultimate bathroom look to be.

Let me talk you through it.


Do you have plants in your bathroom? I know this can be a little controversial but personally, I do love to see plants in a bathroom. Not too many but one of two beautifully luscious plants break up the white/sterile look a bathroom can have and add some vitality to the scheme, whilst also making it look more spacious. Check out the RHS for an idea of which plants would thrive in the bathroom environment.  No cactus for me in the bathroom though!



Textures are huge in interior trends this season and one of the very best places to introduce texture into your home is in your bathroom. I am not just talking about fluffy, luxurious towels or deep velvety dressing gowns, I am also thinking about walls. Tiles are a bathroom must have, not just for keeping your walls dry but also for their hygienic and aesthetic appeal. These Laura Ashley Tiles from Tiles and Bathrooms are just lovely and have a timeless and elegant quality. I love the contrasting colours in these silver and white Highgate tiles, they really add interest.




I like modern pieces in a bathroom that are really up-to-date and as green as possible. Not in colour though – no! In colour only white would do for me in my bathroom (or at a real push I could go for cream.) And I do love a free standing bath. Such a timeless look.



Space is really important to me in a bathroom. I like to feel it is light and airy and uncluttered so keeping it clear is vital to this. Good, discreet storage is a must. A couple of good-sized mirrors are also a really nice way of bouncing light around a room and keeping a bathroom feeling well lit and airy. But you do need to place them well in a bathroom!



Wipeable flooring is a must but it does not mean for one minute that it has to be ugly. You can get beautiful engineered wood floors that are robust and easy to clean. These won’t be damaged by splashes and spills and wood is such a lovely look in a bathroom. I also really like the stone effect under the bath in the photo above but I can imagine that they would be uber tricky to clean! I write more about floor maintenance here if you want some guidance.



I like a really simple sink that isn’t closed in underneath. I’d like one with really beautiful taps. I love taps. I have no idea why, but stylish taps do really float my boat.


So this in my ultimate bathroom look – classic, clean and stylish. Ooh and towel colours? I like a dark grey as it hides the kid’s muck!

What about you? What would you have in your ultimate dream bathroom? – do let me know in the comments below.



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