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What your Bathroom Suite Says About You

What your Bathroom Suite Says About You – lets take a look. 


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What your Bathroom Suite Says About You

I am a bit nosy if I am honest.

I love to look around peoples homes and to see how they have designed and decorated them. I like to check out their accessories and see how they have personalised it. I think homes reflect their owners in much the same way that clothes can.

I particularly love bathrooms. Bathrooms can very enormously and I think they are such a private place, but one we spend much time in. It is important to get your bathroom right.

Here are some beautiful bathrooms and here is what I think they have to say about the owners…

What your Bathroom Suite Says About You

This design is for the stylish homeowner. Someone who loves to make a bit of statement wand who likes  their home to look modern and chic. I actually think it looks gorgeous and the bath looks a bit egg shaped and it is huge too..so perhaps for someone who likes to share! Very cool.


This design is functional and contemporary. It is  a great design for a family a double ended bath, a family-friendly and eco-conscious dual flush system toilet. I think this is for a practical minded  family that like a clean classic look and useful functions.

Now this Art Deco bathroom suite couldn’t be more different. It is elegant and classy very ‘Great Gatsby’ I think whoever had this bathroom suite would be fashion conscious and glamorous. A bit arty perhaps?

And this one? Well this is minimalistic chic and in my experience that usually means an owner who dislikes fuss and frippery and likes calm and order in their lives.

And what bout myself? Well I like colour and order  calm and vibrancy, a warm home and not a cluttered one (I do struggle to achieve that.)  This spa like bathroom is simple and minimal but cosy and luxurious looking too. This would do for me!

I do think homes can tell us so much about the homeowner perhaps not quite in the same way dogs can look like their owners but I do think they give us clues.

All the gorgeous bathrooms featured are from Bella Bathrooms.


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