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What’s Benidorm like for a holiday?

Today – What’s Benidorm like for a holiday?

Have you ever wondered to yourself What’s Benidorm like for a holiday? I have, I know people who go back year after year and absolutely rave about the place – but I have often wondered if it is a destination for me. I don’t think the very cheesy TV show helped me form a great picture of it so I thought it was about time I did some research on and answered the question what’s Benidorm like for a holiday?



What's Benidorm like for a holiday?


What’s Benidorm like for a holiday?

Let’s have a good l;ook shall we at all benidorm has to offer


Always summer in Benidorm

Well, it turns out it really is rather fabulous and in Benidorm, it really is always summer  #BenidormAlwaysSummer In Benidorm, the average annual temperature is 18.2 °C. The summers are summy and clear; t and it is dry year-round. The temperature rarely dips below 40°F or above 88°F. People holiday in Benidorm year round as it is open all seasons and it has a lovely climate.

Let me tell you a bit about it: I have discovered that Benidorm really does have so much to offer tourists including activities, beaches, good weather, great gastronomy and nightlife. What’s Benidorm like for a holiday? Lively (if you want it to be)


The beaches in Benidorm

You might find it hard to pick your favourite beaches in Benidorm as you really are spoilt for choice. 

The following are widely name the best beaches in Benidorm:

  • Playa del Albir.
  • Cala Almadraba
  • Levante Beach.
  • Poniente Beach.
  • Playa del Mal Pas.

Benidorm is well known for beautiful golden sandy beaches and clear, clean, transparent sea. There are also rocky coves suitable for diving. Both Levante and Poniente beach are south facing and so get plenty of sun even in the winter months – just perfect.

So What’s Benidorm like for a holiday?  Bech perfect!

What's Benidorm like for a holiday?



Benidorm has a buzzy and busy nightlife. There are over 160 disco pubs to choose from if you want to party the night away.

There is the Benidorm palace which offers dining and top-class shows from international dancers and artists. There is also the English Zone full of international music and booze aplenty.

What’s Benidorm like for a holiday? It’s an all night fun palace

What's Benidorm like for a holiday?



For outdoor lovers, there is plenty to do in Benidorm from golf to paintball, paragliding, high ropes, handball, squash, riding lessons and tennis. It is actually packed with outdoor activity options and such a fun place to visit. This makes it perfect for families as well as for hen parties, groups of friends or adventure-loving couples.



Food glorious food! Well, I don’t know about you but food can make or break a holiday for me. I do love to eat well when abroad.  To cater for tourists there is a wealth of international cuisine in Benidorm and of course lots of fish dishes too!  

So hat’s Benidorm like for a holiday? Tasty!


Favourite foods include:

Red mullet and pumpkin rice,

traditional fish casserole,

rice with anchovies and spinach, or the “pebrot”

Benidorm also had a host of gastronomic events including Hot Dishes Week, Tapas and Pintxos Competition, The Gastronomy Week and the Rice Dishes Week.

Sounds exciting hey! Definitely lots for the foodies.


What’s Benidorm like for a holiday? Let us sum it up

So Benidorm really does have a lot to offer in so many ways and really is an excellent choice of a destination no matter what time of year.  What’s Benidorm like for a holiday? I think the answer has to be it is awesome!


What’s Benidorm like for a holiday? is a collaborative post


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