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What’s inside a Baebox?

What’s inside a Baebox?

Each month my daughter receives a Baebox subscription box which we have had the pleasure of reviewing for a while now.

You have probably heard of Baebox – they have been a HUGE success. They are subscription treat boxes for tween boys, tween girls and teen girls.

L receives a tween girl box and oh there is much excitement in our house on Baebox days.

I thought you might like to have a peek inside this months.

Every month in my tween’s Baebox she receives a few notecards with inspirational quotes or positive affirmations on. They are always really lovely. Sometoimes she passes them to friends and sometimes they go up on her notice board.

This month she also received a really gorgeous photo frame wich no doubt she will put a photo of her pals in.

And a lovely LOVE plaque to put up in her bedroom and remind her of what matters most in life.

And a bar of chocolate. A good sized bar of chocolate. Oh my days..all to herself too!

(didn’t last long enough  for me to snap anymore than the wrapper!)

Her box contained some cute little magnets.

She also received this fabulous science experiment to make a lemon power a clock. Fascinating stuff. I was excited as she was!

Aren’t Baebox’s just brilliant?

You can explore more about Baebox here and have a look at subscription options, it really does make a lovely Christmas gift idea.



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