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What’s on your desk?

I really would love to know what’s on your desk?

I often wonder what other bloggers have on their desk and what their essentials to working well are.

I have been blogging a long time and I have always had a desk. I know a lot of bloggers blog from the sofa or even their bed, some at their kitchen table or a coffee shop. I have 8 blogs at my last count and it is my full time job so I need to stay organised and very focussed. A desk works for me.


What's on your desk

I have just been sent a beautiful new desk from Kit Out My Office.The desk I chose to review was the beautiful, simple and very modern Aspire desk with a single drawer ( the drawer could have been a multitude of colours but I stuck with white)

I never ever put flat packs together as I find them complicated and time consuming but this time I decided to have a go and I am proud to say I did it all by myself! It was pretty straightforward actually.


I decided to place it facing my garden as now Spring is here my garden is full of colour.I usually face i a wall in my kitchen so this view has to be a healthier option right?


What’s on my desk?

On my desk I have:


Notebooks – for inspiration and endless to do lists.

A filofax – for the diary more than anything.

I have highlighters ( to highlight jobs done!)

A snack. – okay it’s not always fruit but I have just done a 12 day cleanse and am trying so hard to keep eating well

A phone charger – I am always in need

Headphones – to block out my noisy kids (it’s okay they are 9 and 12 and I only do it if I am really concentrating!

A fountain pen – I am a writer more than a typist and oh how i love a nice pen. This is a Lamy Safari pen.


That’s about it. I have to say it is NEVER this tidy or organised usually there are about about 4 half filled coffee cups and scraps of paper and press releases and product sheets and so on but I am not going to show off this beautiful desk looking like that now am I!



I am tagging in these lovely bloggers and asking them the same Q. but actually any one can join in ..I’d love to see what’s on your desk!

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