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When Are Blinds More Useful Than Curtains?

When you’re outfitting your home, many decisions need to be made. Some of them can be more complex than others.

Unfortunately, couples also frequently clash over home décor, so keeping things as straightforward as possible is likely in everybody’s best interest. Still, it can be a tall order, especially when it comes to the matter of blinds vs curtains.

However, on closer consideration, it soon becomes clear that blinds can be the preferable option for many homeowners out there. But why is this?


When Are Blinds More Useful Than Curtains?

Keep reading for just a few reasons why blinds can be more useful than curtains.


When Are Blinds More Useful Than Curtains?

When You Want More Control

Though curtains can feature appealing and intricate designs, they can also be somewhat cumbersome in their use. There are drawbacks to keep in mind here.

For example, curtains can eat up the space in a room considerably. You’ll notice this more in smaller spaces. Blinds, on the other hand, are not nearly as thick and cumbersome. They’ll fit in their designated window slot tidily and not be too challenging to deal with.

Blinds can also offer greater control over the light that enters your rooms. You can adjust them so that large, small, or no amount of sunlight gets into your home. If you prefer to set an acute ambience with more lighting options at your disposal, blinds are the answer. Think about occasions where this is useful; dates, movie nights, or playing video games, for example.

Of course, you may want to change the amount of light entering your home throughout the day as the daylight changes. Blinds can help you keep pace with it all, so you have a much larger window to get the exact amount of light inside that you desire.


When You Want More Versatility

Curtains are appropriate in limited situations. They might feature in bedrooms and living rooms, but not elsewhere.

Blinds, on the other hand, can enjoy a dynamic range of uses. You can get vertical blinds for a conservatory area, whereas curtains can be rather oppressive in these spaces. For a greater sense of what’s possible here, visit lifestyleblinds.com. A range of different sizes and styles are available for an affordable cost, so it’s worth browsing to fire up some inspiration. They can be made to measure for kitchen and bathroom spaces too.

Not only do you get more control with blinds, but the flexibility on offer is simply on another level compared to curtains. Should the latter feature in a bathroom, they’ll inevitably become soggy, damp, and ultimately ruined. No one benefits from that situation, so blinds are the only real candidate in those rooms too.

Moreover, it may simply be nice to have some decorative consistency in your home. If one room has modern blinds and another has old curtains, an uneasy clash may occur. Keep things stylish and efficient with blinds, and everything becomes much more straightforward.   


When You Want Less Bother

Curtains can be challenging to clean. You’ll need to vacuum them top to bottom regularly to make any progress. It’s also recommended that they’re machine occasionally washed too.

While both blinds and curtains can be dust magnets in a home, only the former is somewhat easy to clean. In most instances, you will simply need to wipe them down with a clean cloth. Because of the materials that they’re made with, they’re also less likely to become peppered with stains, stray hairs, and other undesirable things.

Therefore, it’s simply easier to stay on top of things here. If household chores and cleaning schedules regularly consume you, you might be thankful that blinds don’t present such a taxing challenge in this department. You can be done with maintaining them in moments and return to your life much sooner for it.

Should any dreadful accidents happen to any curtains you own, the setback can be devastated. This is especially true if they are stained with some irremovable substance or torn by a misbehaving pet or family member. Additionally, curtains can also harbour much sentimental value, inviting further anxieties. In the end, it’s simply less bother to own some blinds instead.


When Are Blinds More Useful Than Curtains?


When You Want Cheaper Costs

Curtains can be expensive to install and use over time. Blinds, on the other hand, can fit into most people’s budgets comfortably.

Curtains can be pricier due to the designs featured and materials used, especially if they’re older and carry more significance. Moreover, if curtains are big and cover the radiators in your home, they can greatly hamper any energy-saving efforts you have going on. Any setbacks there can be rather upsetting, so it’s best to use blinds on that score as well. A

As discussed, curtains can also be ruined completely. In those instances, forking out extra pennies for repairs or replacements will surely be felt, too, depending on the circumstances.

Conversely, blinds can be fitted perfectly to your window, helping your energy-saving methods tenfold. They’re often cheaper than curtains right out of the gate, too, so there’s really no worrisome cost considerations to keep in mind here.


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