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When do you need a Surveyor?

When do you need a surveyor? Let’s take a look at some examples of times when a surveyor is required and what they can do for you. 

When it comes to buying a home or even redesigning the home you are in, you might pretty quickly realise you need both guidance and support and be on the phone to a company like Sydney surveyors who can help you by providing the surveying services you need. 


When do you need a Surveyor?


Subdividing your property

 If you decide you want to subdivide your property it is very likely that you are going to have to lodge a survey with the land registry. Obviously where you live and local procedures will determine this process but lodging a survey will be common practice. Maybe you want to free up part of your home as rental units? Well, if so a survey will ensure that everything is in place and done correctly.


Replacing fencing / Building a wall

Boundary lines are not necessarily simply where your existing walls and fences are and surveys work to ensure you are absolutely correct in your placement where a boundary line survey is required.  A registered surveyor is able to complete a boundary survey, where they will physically mark the location of the boundaries and provide a signed sketch.



If you are considering building an extension  then a survey is also required before work can begin.  The surveyor will attend your home and place physical marks in accordance with the approved architectural plans. They will then provide sketch showing where the marks are placed which is signed by a Registered Surveyor. Trades such as concreters and bricklayers follow the physical marks and the sketch to complete their work.

A survey is not only practically useful it also  makes sure everything is above board, legal and a safe. 


Final surveys

Final surveys take place after the completion of a new build and simply ensure everything has been completed satisfactorily and in accordance with the initial plans The surveyor will check the position of the new build in relation to the property boundaries, roof ridge heights and floor levels


Your surveys may well need to be lodged with your local council and to your bank before being lodged with land registry but always check out procedure local to you as this can differ.


Why surveys matter

The dangers in not having the correct surveys done are that any the work you go ahead with may be illegal or unsafe and as a result could cause accident or damage and it may even have  to be taken down. My best advise to you is check what surveys you need by consulting with a local surveying firm and get them done! 



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