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Where should I stay in London?

London is one of the greatest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Earning a reputation as a hub of culture, fine food and history, the city of London is one like no other. Yet, if you’re planning a trip to see the city of London, you may be wondering where to stay.

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re going to London to experience the culture, nightlife or anything in between, here are our top places to stay in the big smoke.

Where should I stay in London? Best places to stay in London


Where should I stay in London?



  1. Shoreditch

As one of the trendiest districts in London, Shoreditch is a young and vibrant spot that’s the place to be in London.

What was once a bleak part of London, Shoreditch has been fully gentrified and transformed into a lively suburb. Exploring the streets of Shoreditch you’ll find vintage clothes shops, trendy places to grab a bite to eat and a lively nightlife scene.

  1. Limehouse

In the East End of London, you’ll find the Limehouse district. Slightly less expensive than other districts such as Chelsea and Shoreditch, Limehouse is the ideal place to stay if you’re interested in sport, as the Olympic Park is close by.

Although more affordable, the Limehouse district is also home to waterside paths, panoramic views and upscale restaurants and eateries. If you’re considering staying in London, it’d be silly not to consider serviced apartments in the Limehouse area!

  1. The West End

If you’re partial to glitz and glamour, you’ll want to stay near the West End. As well as being ideal for trips to the theatre, the West End is also popular with those craving some nightlife. In nearby Soho, you’ll find great entertainment venues, bars and restaurants from which to choose.


Where should I stay in London?



  1. Notting Hill

Coined London’s prettiest neighbourhood, this colourful district is the place to be. Featured in many films, including the Notting Hill, this charming district is ideal for wandering at leisure. Whether you grab a bite to eat or simply take in the beautiful old buildings, you’re sure to have a great time in West London.

  1. Waterloo

Finally, there’s Waterloo. If you’re planning on doing some hardcore sightseeing, Waterloo’s central location means you’ll be a stone’s throw from some of the best tourist attractions in London. Home to world-famous theatres, the IMAX cinema and the London Eye as well as a throng of excellent bars, pubs and coffee shops, there’s plenty more to Waterloo than meets the eye.

Final thoughts…

London is a magical place, which is why over 9 million people choose to live there! Yet with so much to offer, it can be tricky to choose the best place to stay. However, by picking one of the trendy districts mentioned above, you can’t go far wrong. 

Where will you head to first?

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