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Where to buy original watercolours

Today – Where to buy original watercolours

Where to Buy Original Watercolours – some suggestions

Oh, how I love beautiful original watercolours – I think they can add such a lovely touch to a home. Original art is also, of course, an investment but more than that it is a unique gift from you to your home.

Watercolour is an ancient medium which was used from the Palaeolithic era to create many of Europe’s cave paintings. It was also heavily used in the Middle Ages in the illustration of manuscripts. Watercolour is ever evolving and abstract, contemporary art made of watercolours are in abundance. They look so beautiful in homes with their light, glorious colours – such a delightful addition to a well-loved interior.

Here are a couple of places you might want to look if you are looking where to buy original watercolours.


Where to Buy Original Watercolours – Online collectives

There are some wonderful online galleries selling original pieces of art form either known or unknown artists. By cutting out a physical gallery you can often reduce the costs and find works you would never normally see simply because the artist is not yet established.

I like:

Art Gallery




Where to Buy Original Watercolours

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Etsy is Where to Buy Original Watercolours

Etsy is, of course, a fabulous marketplace online where artisans can showcase and show off and sell their wares. have a little search on there for watercolours you will find some hidden gems.


Word of mouth

If you spy a beautiful watercolour at friends and love the look of it do ask them where they found it. They will not think you are copying them, they will instead feel very flattered and it could lead you to a treasure of an artist.


Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 207th Exhibition

How about attending a specific watercolour exhibituon like this one at at the Royal Institue of Painters?

There have been many changes in the fine art of watercolour in the 187 years since the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) began. Advancements in materials and techniques employed by today’s artists has led to interesting, colourful and dramatic paintings far from the iweshy washy landcascapes people simetimes expect of watercolours.. Works on display are produced by members of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) and other artists whose pictures have been selected to hang alongside these by the RI Council, including many young painters using water-soluble media in often new and exciting ways.

These artists show a diversity of styles and techniques, from traditional uses of watercolours to more experimental and innovative paintings

This is a great place to pick up vibrant, original works with prices starting from £350. It is also a lovely, lovely place to visit.


Art Exhibitions – great places to buy original watercolours

Do visit local art exhibitions and exhibitions that are on as you travel around. Exhibited art is often for sale and you can pick up beautiful watercolours depicting places special to you this way.


I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration on where to buy original watercolours.


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