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Where to Buy Palace of Versailles Tickets & Why You Should Visit

I have been wishing for Palace of Versailles for years and years but no one has ever surprised me with them despite my many hints. I think it is time I explored getting them for myself!

Have you ever been? I have been to Paris but not yet made the trip tt the palace – it is most firmly on my bucket list though. 

If you have please do drop me a comment at the end of this article telling me all about your visit and the highlights. I love to hear your travel stories. 

If you haven’t been there then I think you will find this article really useful I am going to share where to get tickets and why this is a place you most definitely will want to visit.


Where to Buy Palace of Versailles Tickets


Where to Buy Palace of Versailles Tickets

Follow my like for a great place to go to get your hands on some precious  Palace of Versailles tickets and whilst purchasing you will notice you have a variety of options for your visit. I love options don’t you!  Maybe you want to take an Audio Guided Tour of Giverny Monet’s Gardens and the Palace of Versailles, Lunch included. Maybe you simply want to visit Versailles on your own and have freedom to roam. You might choose a small group or a private tour perhaps? There are many varieties of trip composition so you can find what works for you. 

I am a freedom to roam kind of person and wandering the gardens at Versailles would take my breath away for sure. But oh I would love to see Giverny too! I am a huge fan of Money t and especially love his waterlilies.

You can simply chose the tour that is right for you. You’ll be collected from the centre of Paris by luxury coach  and bough back later, it is all very straightforward and simple.

That’s the kind of day trip I like!


Why visit Versailles?

So many great reasons to visit Versailles. For a start the history of the palace is absolutely fascinating. 

Did you know that the Palace of Versailles was once the home of the Kings of France Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI and their courts? They resided here from 1682 until the French Revolution in 1789.

It is stunningly beautiful and maintained and there is just  so much to see and explore. 

From Baroque architecture to artisan furniture, from immense gardens to over 700 rooms Versailles is incredible There is even an opportunity to visit pretty French town of Versailles whilst on your tour too. 

The palace’s most famous rooms, include the King’s Grand Apartment, which has seven salons each dedicated to a different god – how extravagant!  and the Queen’s Grand Apartment, which also contains the Coronation Room and the Queen’s Bedroom, once occupied by Marie Antoinette!

There is even a magnificent and dazzling Hall of Mirrors to explore. 


How fancy and what an astonishing piece of history. 


Is it somewhere you fancy visiting? Doesn’t it all sound delightful?

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