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Where to go on a Date in Jacksonville

Are you wondering where to go on a date in  Jacksonville?


Where to go on a date in Jacksonville


Things you might not know about Jacksonville

Did you know ….

Jacksonville was named after Andrew Jackson seventh President of the United States and the first military leader of Florida.

Jacksonville is  also the most populous city in Florida, and is the largest city by area in the whole of America. This means a whole load of potential dates! There are so many great things about dating in Jacksonville and the potential number of suitors is just one of them. 

Jackson has a subtropical climate too which means it has hot summers and warm winters which enables dating outdoors all year round – how fabulous!


Where to go on a date in Jacksonville


How to find a date in Jacksonville

Well you could hang around down at the beach or spend some time in the many bars hoping to find someone compatible to date but it is a long shot. A much more direct way to find a dating partner is to hop onto the Jacksonville Personals  find someone local, someone with similar interests, in the right age bracket and  really juat the type of person you are looking for. It will make life so much simpler. 

Have you tried looking at the personal to find a date or had a go with online dating?


Where to go on a date in Jacksonville …

If you are going dating in Jacksonville  you might find that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to options so I m hoping to give you a few ideas


Head to the beach

Jacksonville has more than 20 miles of wide and uncrowded beaches so a beach date is definitely an option. You could swim, sunbathe, tae a stroll or watch the suineset. Whichever option you pick is sure to be magical. 


Where to go on a date in Jacksonville


Go Sailing

Sailing can be both thrilling and deeply romantic  and Jacksonville is home to a huge amount of sailing possibilities.

You could either take your date to a sailing event like the annual Columbus Day Regatta that’s held in Biscayne Bay or you could perhaps head to Coconut Grove which has the largest marina in Miami. It holds more than 1,000 boats.  You could take a cruise and explore or even take an airboat and go Alligator spotting (not quite so romantic but absolutely an experience!) 



Water, water everywhere

I know! So far I have been just suggesting watery dates to you but Jacksonville is a water lovers paradise as well as all those beaches it also has 40 miles of Intracoastal Waterway canal, and the long stretch of the  St. Johns River.


Where to go on a date in Jacksonville? Try Park life

If water ways aren’t your thing then  maybe the parks are.  It has 10 state and national parks for you to choose form and over  450 City Parks – perfect for a stroll or a picnic perhaps? And a nice safe public space to meet for that first date.


Where to go on a date in Jacksonville – well you truly are spoiled for choice (the nightlife and craft beer scene is renowned too) What are you waiting for? 



Where to go on a date in Jacksonville is a feature post 


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