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Which 4 Flooring trends are hot right now?

Which 4 flooring trends should you be looking out for this year?

There are so many different trends to watch, sometimes it’s difficult to keep track. Or preserve interest, for that matter. Whereas some fashions are easily dismissible, others are hard to be ignored. And you’d be foolish to dismiss this year’s ‘in thing’ – Wood Flooring for your home or work space.

We appreciate that wood flooring hasn’t only just been discovered. But, as with all trends, the tides change and different styles come back around. Here’s four of the hottest wood trends to transform any space in 2018.

flooring trends


Flooring trends

Distressed wood is the perfect choice if you’re an advocate for the rustic look. It’s an easy solution to giving your dining room an edginess that is lacking from some wood styles. Or used in an office space, marks are easily disguised in places that see may see a lot of traffic. So it’s practical, and looks great as well.




Laminate Tile Effect

Using laminate flooring is often seen as a cheap alternative, although this doesn’t mean quality and aesthetics should be compromised. Laminate with a beautiful tiled design is not only cost-effective, but also much more practical. Damage to tiled floors can be incredibly costly, whereas a laminate alternative can be quicker and easier to fix. Laminate flooring is also easier to maintain. The end result is a great-looking floor without breaking the bank.

This is a great way of adding extra light and airiness to any room. Furthermore, its contemporary style can give an outdated interior design a much-needed injection of class. Grey wood looks lovely in a kitchen with light-coloured units, or can be used to give your living room a modern lift paired with a comfortable and colourful rug.



Herringbone Parque

Parquet flooring is often laid to create patterns that add a very noticeable yet subtle elegance to your flooring. The herringbone design is already highly appreciated, and is proving to be the popular choice once again this year. Medium to large rooms can enjoy an added splash of character using herringbone parquet. The artistry in laying herringbone is much valued, and it’s easy to see why.


Without a doubt, new trends will start to appear as the year progresses. But we think these are your best bet for beautiful looking floors, and making the most of any room.


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