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Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul

Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul – Let’s take a look


Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul

Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul


Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul

If you are planning to buy real estate in Istanbul, you will be spoilt for choice. This vibrant city can offer you excellent apartments and private houses of diverse price brackets, located either in historical or modern neighborhoods. First, you should decide which half of the city you would like to live in — the European or the Asian. Second, you should select a beautiful and comfortable area. In this article, we will briefly analyze the advantages of those districts and neighborhoods of Istanbul that enjoy the greatest demand among foreign investors.



This district equally attracts tourists and locals. It is situated in the European part of the city, at the entrance of the Bosphorus. Here, you can indulge in seaside recreation, purchase delicious seafood at a fish market, haggle in the bazaar or take a ferry. Sports fans can join a football club, connoisseurs of culture will be glad to visit local art events. Dine and wine places, as well as shopping centers, are rife here. After sunset, bars and clubs open their doors. Be ready to see lots of students around, both in daytime and nighttime.

If culture and socialization are your priorities, opt for Levazim, which is adjacent to the Bosphorus bridge. Here, you can purchase either a gorgeous villa or a stunning apartment with breathtaking views.

Bebek, on the Bosphorus European shores, is regarded as the Besiktas epitome of luxury. This neighborhood is extremely popular among well-heeled foreigners who quickly fall in love with its vigorous sea promenade, high-end dining spots and the overall premium flair.

Between Bebek and Kurucesme, you can locate the colorful neighborhood of Arnavutkoy. Another area of the same name is situated close to the New Istanbul Airport — please do not mix up these two! The Bosphorus Arnavutkoy is an elite neighborhood with top-notch social life. Its seaside promenade is picture-perfect and its urban infrastructure has all the amenities for quality leisure pastime.

Akat is a relatively recent addition to Besiktas. Situated in the upper parts of this district, it consists predominantly of large apartment buildings. If you opt for this area, you will be able to walk on foot to the renowned Akmerkez shopping mall and enjoy diverse recreation facilities.




This district resembles Besiktas in many aspects. Residents and tourists adore local restaurants, cafes, pubs, shopping centers and markets. You can visit cultural events in the daytime and devote yourself to bar-hopping after dark. Kadikoy is a meaningful transportation and educational hub. If you like taking pictures, you will be mesmerized by state-of-the-art historical buildings in the area. Unlike Besiktas, this district belongs to the Asian half, so the ambiance here is entirely different.

The most upscale part of Kadikoy is called Caddebostan. Situated by the Marmara Sea, it can boast of a superb green environment, numerous coastline attractions and bustling city life. If you purchase accommodation here, you will probably be able to see the picturesque Princes’ islands from your window.

Alternatively, you might consider Moda — a green and tranquil neighborhood with plenty of parks and cafes. Young locals love to spend their free time here.



The name of Sariyer should ring a bell with those who love historical places of interest. Rumeli Fortress, Sadberk Hanim Museum and Emirgan Grove are just a few examples of sites that you can visit here. The landscapes of the far end of the Bosphorus European shores are splendid. Foodies rate the local dining spots consistently high.

Foreigners who dream of living in a tranquil seaside area should consider Emirgan. The choice of private houses here is just as impressive as the selection of dining spots.

Istinye caters to those looking for premium houses for sale in Istanbul. Along the shores, you will spot numerous historic mansions. The upper parts are renowned for contemporary sumptuous villas and shopping opportunities.



Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Aquarium are located in this neighborhood, so you have most likely visited this part of the city when you were on holiday. Bakirkoy belongs to the European half and is situated on the Marmara sea coast. You will never get bored here, be it daytime or nighttime. The district offers extensive leisure facilities for people of all tastes and age groups. The calm and prosperous Atakoy neighborhood would be probably the best option for residential accommodation.



Among all the districts of the Asian half of the city, this stands out thanks to its developed residential infrastructure. Plenty of new houses and roads have been constructed here in recent years. The Atasehir center sets the bar high for the whole city in terms of quality of life. In fact, the infrastructure of many “Asian” neighborhoods is identical to the European part.



This is where most of the city’s historical sites are located — if we talk about the heritage of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. The large territory of Fatih includes the well-known neighborhoods of Balat, Fener, Eminonu and Sultanahmet. After you buy a house here, you will be living as if in a huge open-air museum.


Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul



This pricey and cosmopolitan district belongs to the European half of the city. Here, you will have all the necessary facilities at your arm’s reach: shops, idyllic wining and dining spots, art centers and so on.



This one is situated on the Asian shores of the Bosphorus, across Besiktas. Its primary merit is the beauty of its natural and historical sites. Here, you can admire 16th-century mosques, Fethi Pasha Grove, Camlica Hill, the Maiden’s Tower and many other attractions.


Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul

Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul


Conclusion – Which neighborhood to choose if you want to buy property in Istanbul

After you purchase accommodation in the largest city of Turkey, you can rent or resell it at a profit because the demand for real estate in this city is permanently high. But if you decide to live here yourself either permanently or on holidays, you will enjoy every day of your stay. Istanbul is colorful and welcoming, its infrastructure is modern and diverse. It is rapidly evolving and never fails to impress its residents.

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