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Which pair of sunglasses do you like best ?


Recently I was sent a couple of pairs of lovely sunglasses and as is the way of things it has rained ever since. Sigh

Blooming British Springtime!!



I absolutely cannot decide which ones I like best so I posted them on instagram and overwhelmingly people opted for the top pair which I thigh t looked a tad too big. Just shows how little I know about fashion really doesn’t it!!

The second pair seem neater and more me somehow. I suppose they feel less showy and less glam? I do love them both though and it is very handy to have a pair in the bag and a pair to keep in the car for those dazzling moments.

Come on sunshine it is nearing the end of May you know and it has been a very very long time since we last saw you for more than just one day at a time!

These sunglassses are both from GlassesShop.com who sell a huge range of sunglasses and other eye glasses and are really well priced.

I do have a habit of mislaying sunglasses so cheap glasses (that look expensive) are the best way to go for me. These two pairs certainly look more expensive than they were

The wayfairers(top picture) cost around £20 and you can also make them prescription. The tourcoing round(bottom pair) cost around £30 and all also available as prescription glasses.

I think you will agree they are a good bargain.

So now I just wait for the sunshine (or pose around the house instead.)


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Enter code  GSHOT50 at the point of sale for  50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).


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