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Which superfoods will boost my mood?

Which superfoods will boost my mood? A look at the various superfoods that impact how you feel and a look at why and how they work. 



Which superfoods will boost my mood?

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Which superfoods will boost my mood?

Do you ask yourself – which superfoods will boost my mood?

I am always on the lookout to improve my health and have often wondered which superfoods will boost my mood.  It is lovely to think that what you are eating is making a difference to your emotional as well as your physical health and wellbeing. Such a simple way to keep your spirits up.


Reaching for comfort food

Do you find yourself reaching for comfort food when the blues kick in? Oh, I do – something terrible. I head for lasagne and shepherds pie, sticky toffee pudding and all the custard..ooh and hot buttered toast. Yep those comfort food craving kick in especially in these dreary, bleak, grey winter months. I think this is very common. And, whilst it feels good in the moment – later on, you just feel sluggish don’t you physically and mentally. Nope follow these metabolism booster tips for a much healthier way of eating


Eating better – which superfoods will boost my mood?

My resolution for the new year is to stop that and make a change. Eating better in 2019 if firmly on my agenda- on the hunt for which superfoods will boost my mood here are the 7 superfoods that you should grab instead, to notice a quick and effective mood boost plus all the healthy goodness.



From being used centuries ago for various health conditions to being added to lattes and smoothies, turmeric has come a long way, and yes, it is one of those superfoods that don’t just boost your health in so many ways, but also makes you feel good. This herb contains a compound called curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and can also fight depression.


Which superfoods will boost  my mood – Walnuts?

Packed with tryptophan, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B6, walnuts are the little dose of everything you need in a natural mood booster. Some preliminary research findings have confirmed its ability to improve mood in depressed subjects, and some other findings suggest that they can also prove to be helpful for anger management.


Which superfoods will boost my mood?


So – Which superfoods will boost my mood?


You might find spirulina in the list of most powerful and healthiest foods out there, but that’s not the only reason why it is famous. This blue-green algae is a rich source of protein, iron, chlorophyll, beta carotene, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and antioxidants, all of which help strengthen the body and boost energy levels.

Plus, it also contains iodine which regulates the thyroid gland and helps fight depression.



Enough can’t be said about coconut- its water is a great refreshing drink that provides energy and is full of electrolytes, its meat is rich in fibre and protein and triglycerides, which help enhance stamina and support the immune system, making you feel energetic and happier from within!

Which superfoods will boost my mood? Coconut will!

Putting this one to use is pretty easy- just swap your cooking oil for coconut oil whenever you can, sip on some coconut water as an energy drink or munch on its fresh meat.


Which superfoods will boost my mood?

Which superfoods will boost my mood?



These root veggies do a lot more than just making your foods ‘pink’. It has been found that beets work incredibly well as natural mood stabilizers, thanks to their magnesium content. Plus, they also contain a vitamin called betaine which is associated with the production of serotonin in the body- a chemical that regulates sleep, mood and appetite.


Which superfoods will boost my mood? The Humble Tomato

Wait what? Yes, you read that right. Tomatoes, being incredibly versatile, are also great mood boosters. Infact, several studies have confirmed that individuals who consumed more of these were less likely to suffer from depression than those who didn’t, and that’s not all- tomatoes are also packed with lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant.



Which superfoods will boost my mood? – Chocolate

 Ooh isn’t this just top of everyone’s favorites list?  Gosh it always bring s a little smile doesn’t it/

We’ve saved the best for the last- yes, chocolate is actually a superfood, and its no surprise it can also help a great deal in boosting your mood almost instantly. Infact, some studies also prove that it can help relieve the symptoms of depression, owing to its magnesium and anandamide content.

Stick to consuming pure, unprocessed chocolate as much as you can though and do limit it and it very very moorish and not the best thing for your waistline 🙂 


Which superfoods will boost my mood?


So now I know which superfoods will boost my mood I intend to consume far more of them! What’s your favourite mood-boosting food? Do leave me a comment below, I always love to hear from you and I often take on board your ideas and your suggestions so do please keep them coming in.


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