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An all white thrifty flower display

thrifty flower display

I love white flowers I think they have a serenity to them.

I was looking to create a mantel display of all white flowers but I was unsure where to start or if would cost me a fortune, Would you believe the display I am about to show you was not only super simple but it cost me just £3.80 to create.

I had been reading Liz Earles well-being blog and her flower arranging tips and these 4 tips really impacted the arrangement I made this week

  • Don’t be afraid to cut down long stems.
  • some of the most striking arrangements are made with single colours
  • always include at least one scented flower
  • Odd numbers arrange better


I decided to have a look in my local Morrissons for some inexpensive white flowers and I found both freesia and tulips. That ticked off the same colour and scented.  I was rather scared of cutting the stem down on the tulips but I wanted to use jam jars so I had to just go for it .


I arranged them as Liz suggested in 3’s and the yellow (fern?) that came with them I gave a little jar of their own.


I stripped the leaves on the freesia so the would last and just trimmed them by cutting an angle off the end so the flower could absorb more water.


Then I set them out on the mantel in a nice equal arrangement. I think they look so lovely.

Simple but elegant too, and really what a bargain!





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