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Why a garden room is the best place to cultivate your hobbies

Why a garden room is the best place to cultivate your hobbies

One of the things that became evident throughout the pandemic is how important it is to feel safe and comfortable at home and how finding the small joys in life can really make all the difference. During the many lockdowns, many of us have picked up a new hobby and have become entirely dedicated to it. Whether the hobby is painting abstracts or baking a loaf of banana bread, we have all made some adjustments to make space for our newly found passions.


Making space for our new hobbies or passion, however, can prove to be tricky.


In the past, running out of space in one’s home meant one thing; the need to invest in a home extension and add extra rooms to your property. While that might seem like a very straightforward idea, the process behind home extensions is actually a tedious, expensive one. Not only will you need to apply for (and obtain) planning permissions, you will also have to be prepared for weeks or even months of construction work going on within your home. All the stress related to a home extension can be disruptive to your home life too.


There is, however, one space-making solution that has become popular over the years: the modern garden room. These are small log cabins that can be easily installed in your back garden, becoming effectively part of your home – albeit not being structurally attached to it.


How to find the perfect garden room for your needs

Finding the perfect garden room to suit your family’s unique needs can be a walk in the park if you decide to go for a specialist log cabin supplier, rather than one of the many “off the shelf” options available on the market. The key difference between a traditional garden shed and a modern garden room is that the latter is specifically designed to have the same comforts and luxuries as a room within your home. From double glazed windows to heated floors, a garden room can be just as cosy as the rest of your home.


Industry leading suppliers of luxury log cabins, Norwegian Log, are specialised in the manufacture of garden rooms that can be employed for a variety of uses. From garden offices to garden gyms, the broad range of designs and solutions available makes it easy to find the perfect design.


Here are a few of the most common uses of a garden room to cultivate a hobby or a new passion:

  • A crafts room – perfect for the whole family to enjoy DIY projects together or for a much-needed escape space to enjoy a cuppa while completing a jigsaw puzzle.
  • A reading room – or even a library. If you’re a keen reader, then you must have dreamt at least once of having your own library in your home, well with a garden room you can.
  • A pottery room – Channel the Demi Moore that’s in you and grab a piece of clay to create something spectacular in your garden room. Having a room dedicated entirely to your passion can not only help you improve your skills but might also give you a chance to connect with people who share your passion. Why not start a weekly pottery club at your place?
  • A music room – to be regularly converted into your own gig space. Luxury garden rooms can be designed to be sound-prof, perfect to be converted into a music studio or, if you fancy, into a cosy space for your and your friends to enjoy a loud karaoke night!
  • A home cinema – who said that a hobby had to involve any work? If your passion is to just put your feet up and enjoy a good film, then so be it! Watching films from the comfort of our own sofa isn’t too bad, but what if you had a mini home cinema in your back garden kitted out with a complete surround system and perhaps a popcorn machine?

Why a garden room is the best place to cultivate your hobbies


These are just a few of the hundreds of ways in which you can use a garden room. Thanks to their modern, easy to personalise design, garden rooms like the ones offered by Norwegian Log are the perfect addition to any home. If you’ve ran out of rooms in your home but would really love extra space where you can practice some much needed me time, then consider investing in a log cabin for your garden. With the smallest model in the range starting from a compact 3m x 3m, you won’t need a huge garden to be able to install a brand new garden room!


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