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Why a good nights sleep is so important

Why a good nights sleep is so important


A good night’s sleep is something we always suggest to people who might be feeling unwell, rundown, worried or even heartbroken. But why do we do that? What is the magic of good night’s sleep?

I am going to explore some of the reasons why sleep matters so much and why a good night’s sleep is so beneficial.

Poor sleep can be linked to physical health problems such as a weakened immune system and this means we are more likely to pick any illness or virus much more quickly.

Poor sleep has also been linked mental health problems and in particular anxiety and depression. Lying in bed with sad thoughts whirling around your head for hours really doesn’t help.

Poor sleep also impacts learning as when we sleep our brain process information and memories are consolidated

Poor sleep can make us confused, bad-tempered and easily irritated.

Poor sleep can make us lethargic and sap our energy.

Sleep does really matter in so many aspects of our health and wellbeing.  Because of its emotional, mental and physical impact poor sleep in turn impacts on our relationships. If we are moody and bad-tempered we are not going to be getting on too well with our peers, our partners, our kids or our colleagues. Work or college will suffer too and then we get worried and anxious and this, in turn, impacts our ability to sleep even more.

It can be a really vicious cycle and an unbroken circle unless we change things.

So what can help?

On a really practical level just changing a mattress can make a difference.

A good king size mattress can really help you get the space you need to get a good nights sleep, you and your partner can stretch and turn and not bother each other at all.

A Memory Foam Mattress could also prove key to a better nights sleep.  Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight which makes you feel more comfortable and better supported.

It really is worth thinking about making a change.

The problems with poor sleep are significant and a good night’s sleep really is so important.





  1. shophuongduy
    December 27, 2017 / 2:34 am

    Fantastic web site. Plenty of helpful information here. I am sending it to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious.

  2. Sarah Deeks
    December 15, 2017 / 1:55 pm

    Thanks for this. A useful reminder that I should prioritise sleep more than I currently do. Trouble is, with young kids evenings are the only time to enjoy peace and quiet and do things just for me, so it’s tempting to stay up too late.
    But it’s worth making the effort to go to bed earlier and feel the effects of better sleep.
    Sarah http://www.livechicandwell.com

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