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Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread?

Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread?

So we know we should but do we know why?

There’s a lot to love about bread. It’s filling, inexpensive, and delicious. But not all breads are created equal. In this article, we’ll discover the differences between white and wholemeal bread, and assess which type offers the best nutritional profile.


Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread?


What’s the difference between wholemeal and white bread?

The key ingredient in all different types of bread is flour. Where wholemeal and white bread differ is the type of flour used in their production.

Wholemeal bread is made from whole flour. As the name suggests, this flour contains whole grains of wheat kernel that have been milled into a powder. All the component parts of the kernel, including the bran, germ, and endosperm, remain. This type of flour contains the most nutrients and is highest in fibre.

White flour has much of this structure removed, with only the endosperm present. The robust, nutrient-packed particles, bran and wheat germ, are sifted away.


What are the health benefits of wholemeal bread?

Now that we know the differences between the wholemeal and white bread, let’s look at the ways in which wholemeal is more nutritional.


Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread?

Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread?

Higher fibre

Fibre is a crucial part of our diets. It can be found in foods containing whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables. Fibre’s key benefit is the promotion of digestive health. Plus, it also helps us feel fuller for longer, which can be useful for those looking to lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight. There is also evidence to suggest that foods rich in fibre can prevent colorectal cancer as well as cardiovascular disease, thanks to the presence of beta glucan.

Adults need up to 30g of fibre per day, and wholemeal bread can offer from 2g to 4g of fibre per slice, which is three to five times the amount present in white bread. So your lunchtime sandwich can provide at least a quarter of your daily requirement, load it with veggies and you’ll be on course to hit your fibre target!


Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread? Vitamin and mineral boost

The process of creating white flour removes the nutrient-rich bran and germ of the wheat kernel. This is where you’ll find key vitamins and minerals, including folate, thiamine, B6, iron, zinc, and magnesium. These multipurpose nutrients are essential for whole-body health.

White bread has to be fortified to add vitamins and minerals back in, whereas wholemeal bread provides these benefits naturally.


Lower GI for blood sugar control

The glycaemic index (GI) tells us how quickly a food containing carbohydrates is broken down, and its resultant effect on blood sugar. This can be a useful tool for diabetics in deciding which foods will help to maintain steady blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Wholemeal bread has a lower GI value than white bread. This means that it takes longer to break down into glucose, helping blood sugar remain more consistent. It’s therefore a superior choice for diabetics, although you can find more information on the other types of beneficial bread on the Gigaranking.com website.



Why is wholemeal bread better than white bread?

White bread is nutritionally inferior to wholemeal varieties. The removal of wheat bran and germ in its production means that vitamins, minerals, and fibre are lost. It also has a higher GI value, which causes spikes in blood sugar, causing you to crave more food and makes you more likely to put on weight!

Why Choose Wholemeal Bread Over White Bread? Well now you know Switching to wholemeal bread is an excellent way to access these key nutrients without compromising on taste!


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