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Why House Signs UK Matter

In the UK, all houses are assigned a number on the street. Depending on the size of the street, this could be anything from single digital all the way up to three digits. These house numbers are important for lots of different reasons, and while they’re not legally required, it does make sense to have a sign up. If your house doesn’t already have one, you can purchase a sign for your home or try to make one yourself if you’re a fan of DIY.

However you choose to find your house sign, it’s important to get one that goes well with the overall aesthetic and design of your home. You’ll want to consider the shape, size and location of your sign before making a decision. The sign needs to be visible from the street, and it needs to instantly let people know what number your house is.

You can purchase UK house signs online using services such as Signomatic. These let you customise your sign completely, choosing from a wide range of options, including the colour, design and fittings. Once you’ve chosen the sign, you’ll have it delivered and will be able to attach it to the front of your house where it can be seen easily.

House Signs UK Matter

Reasons You Should Have a House Sign

House signs are traditionally used to help people find your address, but there are many different reasons why it’s a good idea to put one up. Here are just a few of the most important reasons:

  • Help Delivery Drivers – Whether you’re getting a parcel delivered or a takeaway, you need the delivery driver to be able to locate your address in order to receive your delivery. The same goes for Royal Mail post, as post delivery people won’t be able to find your address if they can’t see a number. For that reason, making sure your number is visible and correct is very important.
  • Complement the Style of Your Home – The way your home looks should be important to you, and most people spend a lot of money making sure it looks good from the outside as well as from the inside. The house number sign is just as important to the overall design of the home as things like gardens and windows, so it’s a great way of adding the finishing touches. Make sure you choose a sign design that makes sense and looks great.
  • Help Emergency Services – Aside from helping delivery people find your home, it’s also important to have a number sign for the sake of the emergency services. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, the services will need to be able to find your home from the address you give them. Without a clear and visible sign outside, this can be difficult, and any time wasted could cause serious consequences.
  • Some Councils Require It – While it may not be a legal requirement everywhere in the UK, having your house number on your house is often something that councils request. Removing your number or changing to a house name may need the permission of the local council, so be sure to check if you intend to do that.

House Signs UK


Interesting Facts About UK House Numbers

Whether you’re looking to find a new house number sign or not, did you know these interesting facts about UK house numbers?

  • Your house number can affect the value of your home – Some house numbers are more valuable than others. A recent study found that number one was the most valuable house number, while odd numbers tended to be worth more than evens.
  • Many streets don’t include the number thirteen – The number thirteen is considered unlucky by some, and as a result, many houses didn’t include it when they were built. Streets will often skip from twelve straight to thirteen, making the number much rarer than others.
  • Typically, odd numbers and even numbers are opposite – Most British streets have a layout that places odds and evens on opposite sides, rather than simply going in numerical order along the two rows of each street.

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