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Why I want to visit Canada

I have many reasons why I want to visit Canada. I have already been twice but not for many years and it is definitely a destination I would want to return too.

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This is where I would like to visit:



Lake Superior

 I first visited Lake Superior when I was 20 years old as part of an outreach programme from a summer camp I was working on in America.

We went to Ontario and stayed in a condo by Lake Superior. Lake Superior is the biggest freshwater lake in the whole world. It is completely stunning. It actually holds 10% of the world’s surface fresh water. I don’t think I have ever been anywhere more beautiful in my life and I often think how I would love to take my children there. I would take them canoeing out on the lake and for a lovely boat ride too. How magical it would be to relive those experiences with my kids. The beaches of Katherine Cove and Old Woman Bay are said to be spectacular and the water pretty warm so the perfect place to swim too. 



I went to visit a boyfriend in Toronto when I was 22. He had gone out there to work. It was such a thrilling city to visit and there was so much happening. The sad fact was though we were poor students and just really hug out with his friends at their homes or the park,  so I missed out on a fair few things I would now love to see and do. 

I would definitely head to St. Lawrence Market named as the worlds BEST food market by National Geographic. I love a great foodie shopping spree. 

Niagara falls would also be firmly on my must visit list. The largest waterfall in North America. What a rush it would be to actually stand right behind that huge curtain of water – wow!

I would also love to head to the look out spot of the CN tower, once the world’s largest tower and see Toronto laid out below.  If I was feeling super brave I could even do a hands-free walk around the SkyPods outer ledge. Yikes!



Banff national park is in Alberta and one of  the most scenic of places in the Rockies making it one of  Canada’s most popular  vacation spots. I am putting it firmly on my must -see list. It has hot springs and mountains, amazing skiing, hiking and lakes and it really would make for a wonderful outdoor based trip.  


Why I want to visit Canada


Canada has so much to offer.  I cannot wait to go back and explore more. 

Have you been to Canada?




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